Dramatis Personae

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A renegade dark elf, fled from the Underdark and on the run ever since, he now makes his life in the world above. A master of illusions and phantasms, he commands powerful magic indeed. His mate, Lyra, is only slightly less powerful, but her magic is also more diverse; she is never far from his side.


An aggressive, cunning, and often psychopathic elf. He is a skilled swordsman, wizard, and thief whose arsenal of weapons and magical items only adds to his destructive potential. His rule of the remote town of Helgate has recently come to an end, but he still retains the services of certain associates: In addition, there are those who have fallen in battle over the years, or are simply no longer with the group:
He also possesses & maintains a Communal Armory.

Ged (R.I.P.)

Master of sorcery both arcane and spiritual, this grey elf dedicated himself to the service of Boccob, god of magic. Arrogant, ambitious, and supra-intelligent, he wielded mighty magic of all kinds. Slain while adventuring in the Abyss, Ged was survived by his faithful henchman, Arnold the barbarian, as well as his talented disciple, the elven maid Nenya and her husband, the ranger Deryck.


This grim, noble ranger with a hatred of orcs wanders the forests of Oerik, fighting for those who need justice.

Krug (R.I.P.)

A founding member who soon turned traitor and was just as quickly killed for it.


A dwarven warrior of tremendous strength and endurance, he fights with the enchanted hammer Stormcrest and wears the legendary Coat of Arnd. Aggressive and courageous, he can be found at the front of any battle he joins. His former follower, the young dwarf Gorin, now seeks his fortune with the mercenary army of Greyspire. Mongo's previous follower, Flint (R.I.P.), died in battle many years ago.


This shifty-eyed, conniving rogue finally stopped planning his next big heist and got married, settling down in Greyhawk with the fiesty, red-haired warrior-woman Tanya. They also maintain close ties with the jubilant halfling Bosco and the former street urchin Felicia and the inn's peacekeeper Vinnie.


This jovial, mushroom-eating half-elven warrior/druid has deep responsibilities in the Vesve Forest, with which he is aided by the competent and (more) serious druidess Daffodil.


A tall, muscular black monk, his martial arts prowess is extraordinary. Though not an original party member, he has proven to be both a powerful warrior and a trusted companion. He and his soul-mate, the barbarian huntress Songa, lived in the northern wilderness until recently. They are once again on the move, adventuring in the frozen lands of the barbarians.


This bumbling, naive priest of Trithereon is more than he seems. He often turns up when his assistance is needed by Halbarad or Peyote.