Irina as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


7th/14th level warrior/priestess
Race human Height 5'9" STR 17 +1/+1
Gender female Weight 135 lbs INT 15
Born 542 C.Y. Skin white WIS 17
Died   Hair black (shoulder-length) DEX 16
Age 44 Eyes black (right eye covered by patch, also has prominent scar) CON 16
        CHR 15
        COM 11


Alignment N
Homeland unknown
Patron deity Istus (goddess of Fate)
Significant other  
Family members  


HP 66
AC 0/2 (base 5, -3 magic armor, -2 Dex bonus when applicable)
THAC0 7 (base 12, -1 Str, -1 spec, -3 magic weapon bonus)
Preferred weapon spiked footman's mace (specialized, attacks 2/1)


Worn elven chain mail +3
ring of mind shielding
boots of land, air, and sea (convey spider climbing, feather falling, and water walking)
Carried 9 potions of extra-healing, all in durable metal flasks
potion of truth (drinker cannot tell any lies) (3 doses, each dose lasts for 8 hours)
potion of forgetfulness (as spell) (10 doses, each dose is a cumulative 1 round of forgetfulness)
jar of Keoghtom's Ointment
everfull cooking pot (small iron pot; whenever heated over a fire, fills with a rich, hearty stew)
footman's mace +3
Carried devices  

Priest Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 8 Bless, Command, Create Water, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Purify Food and Drink, Sanctuary
2nd 8 Hold Person, Know Alignment, Produce Flame, Silence 15' Radius, Slow Poison
3rd 7 Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Locate Object, Remove Curse, Water Breathing
4th 5 Cure Serious Wounds, Detect Lie, Divination, Neutralize Poison, Produce Fire
5th 3 Atonement, Commune, Cure Critical Wounds, Dispel Evil, Plane Shift, Raise Dead, True Seeing
6th 2 Blade Barrier, Heal, Stone Tell
7th 0  

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