Lyra as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


14th level wizard
Race drow elf Height 5'4" STR 7
Gender female Weight 95 lbs INT 18
Born 475 C.Y. Skin black WIS 14
Died   Hair white DEX 16
Age 111 Eyes pale violet CON 12
        CHR 14
        COM 17


Alignment N
Homeland Rilauven, within the Underdark
Patron deity none
Characteristics loyal, efficient, vengeful
Significant other Alindyar
Family members  


HP 34
AC 1
THAC0 12
Preferred weapon dagger +5, 1-4/1-3 +5
Preferred magic all


Worn cloak of protection +3
dual ring (Alindyar has the other one) (ESP, protection)
ring of djinni summoning
dagger +5
dagger +3, of throwing
boots of flying
Carried infinite spellbook (up to 99 spells)
Boccob's blessed book (49 levels)
staff of striking
blanket of warmth
crucible of melting
Carried devices  

Wizard Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 5 Charm Person; Detect Magic; Enlarge; Hold Portal; Identify; Light; Magic Missile; Nystul's Magic Aura; Read Magic; Reduce; Shield; Shocking Grasp; Sleep; Tenser's Floating Disc
2nd 5 Bind; Darkness, 15' Radius; Esp; Fool's Gold; Knock; Magic Mouth; Mirror Image; Pyrotechnics; Ray Of Enfeeblement; Web; Wizard Lock
3rd 5 Flame Arrow; Fly; Dispel Magic; Hold Person; Invisibility 10' Radius; Lightning Bolt; Slow
4th 3 Charm Monster; Cone Of Cold; Curse; Dig; Fear; Fire Charm; Fumble; Polymorph Self; Wall Of Fire; Wall Of Ice
5th 3 Contact Other Plane; Dismissal; Hold Monster; Passwall; Telekinesis; Teleport
6th 2 Anti-Magic Shell; Chain Fireball (*); Chain Lightning; Contingency; Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
7th 1 Forcecage
8th 0  
9th 0  

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