Alindyar Rillsifane as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


18th level wizard
Race drow elf Height 5'6" STR 9
Gender male Weight 101 lbs INT 20
Born 396 C.Y. Skin black WIS 16
Died   Hair white DEX 17
Age 190 Eyes violet CON 15
        CHR 13
        COM 13


Alignment N
Homeland Dril'ithzan'abaar, within the Underdark
Patron deity none
Characteristics highly intelligent, analytical, verbose
Significant other Lyra
Family members  
Contacts teaches & researches at Grey College, in Greyhawk
Property/Holdings size-alterable stone golem, old mansion in Greyhawk
Miscellaneous permanently susceptible (-3 on saves) to paralyzation
unaffected by 1st & 2nd level illusions


HP 47
AC -1/2
THAC0 16
Preferred magic illusions


Worn cloak of protection +4
infinite spellbook (holds up to 99 spells)
Bigby wand (each hand spell 1/week)
dual ring (Lyra has the other one) (ESP, protection)
brass amulet (from Ged) of plane shifting
small gilded cage
3 glass gas globes (silence, poison, petrification)
Carried staff of power (23 charges)
crystal ball
bag of holding
wand of conjuration (70 charges)
Carried devices  
Kept mirror of mental prowess
paintbrush from Xusia's moon gateway (artifact; alters reality to conform to what is painted)

Wizard Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 5 (*) = invented on his own, (Z) = from Zara's spellbook
Alarm; Armor; Burning Hands; Change Self; Charm Person; Color Spray; Comprehend Languages; Detect Magic; Erase; Feather Fall; Friends; Hypnotism; Identify; Magic Missile; Phantasmal Force; Read Magic; Sleep; Spider Climb; Spidereyes; Spook; Unseen Servant; Wall Of Fog; Write
2nd 5 Alter Self; Blindness; Blur; Darkness 15' Radius; Deafness; Detect Invisibility; Forget; Hypnotic Pattern; Insatiable Thirst (Z); Invisibility; Mirror Image; Protection From Cantrips; Scare; Skyhook; Summon Swarm; Web
3rd 5 Dark Wings; Hollow Darkness (*); Dispel Magic; Fireball; Fly; Hand Of Darkness; Invisibility, 10' Radius; Lorloveim's Creeping Shadow (z?); Non-detection; Phantom Steed; Protection From Normal Missiles; Suggestion; Tongues; Watery Double (Z)
4th 5 Acid Bolt; Backlash; Confusion; Dimension Door; Distraction (*); Extension I; Fear; Hallucinatory Terrain; Helping Hands (*); Improved Invisibility; Massmorph; Minor Globe Of Invulnerability; Phantasmal Killer; Stop; Wizard Eye
5th 5 Advanced Illusion; Domination; Extension Ii; Fabricate; Feeblemind; Magic Jar; Major Creation; Mind Fog; Passweb; Teleport; Seeming; Von Gasik's Refusal (Z); Wall Of Electricity (*)
6th 3 Alindyar's Closet (*); Bloodstone's Spectral Steed (Z); Contingency; Enchant An Item; Extension Iii; Lorloveim's Shadowy Transformation; Mass Suggestion; Permanent Illusion; Summon Spider; Veil
7th 3 Prismatic Spray; Shadowcat (z?); Shadow Walk; Suffocate (Z); Teleport Without Error; Mass Teleport (*); Secondary Teleport (*); Vanish; Vipergout
8th 2 Death Spider; Disguise (*); Mass Charm; Maze; Permanency
9th 1 Black Blade Of Disaster; Weird

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