Jenna as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


10th level priestess
Race human Height 5'3" STR 11
Gender female Weight 120 lbs INT 16
Born 555 C.Y. Skin white WIS 18
Died 581 C.Y. Hair black (prefers to keep head cloaked) DEX 13
Age 26 (at death) Eyes green CON 11
        CHR 13
        COM 15


Alignment NG
Patron deity Istus (goddess of Fate)
Significant other  
Family members  
Miscellaneous can detect lies spoken in her presence
used a priest spell called _Strand of Binding_ in episode 806
used a priest spell that could detect the passage of others across a spot, in episode 826
used a priest spell to covertly mark a location, in episode 830
used a priest spell to display past events in a physical place, in episodes 953-954


HP 43
AC 6 (robes of protection +3)
THAC0 14 (base)
Preferred weapon quarterstaff


Worn robes of protection +3
Carried mace (from armory gateway; tied to Elemental Plane of Earth; direct hit inflicts damage as if struck by small boulder; strong vs foes with ties to rock/earth)
holy chalice (from armory gateway; any water put into it will be purified and made holy in 1 round; holds 1 quart at a time)
bag of winds (from sky castle treasure; releases gust of wind 3/day)
bag of beans
scroll of protection from undead
potion of animal control
potion of dragon control
potion of human control
Carried devices  

Priest Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 6 from Astral, Charm, Divination, Elemental, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning spheres
2nd 6  
3rd 4  
4th 3  
5th 2  
6th 0  
7th 0  

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