Belphanior as of 6/1/581 C.Y. (chapter 1004)


18th/18th/18th level fighter/wizard/thief (15/15/15 without ring of Zaeon)
Race high elf Height 6'1" STR 18/09 (18/00 with belt)
Gender male Weight 135 lbs INT 17
Born 450 C.Y. Skin white WIS 10
Died   Hair light brown DEX 17
Age 131 Eyes black CON 16
        CHR 9
        COM 10


Alignment CN
Homeland the Wild Coast
Patron deity none
Characteristics versatile, tempermental, violent, reckless
Significant other Neera
Family members  
Property/Holdings various unknown land and treasure caches, set up in episodes 801 and on
Miscellaneous has permanent intimidation effect & red left eye due to potion


HP 73
AC -1
THAC0 1 using longsword +3
Preferred weapon longsword +3, (2/1) 1-8/1-12 +9
Preferred magic destructive


Worn ring of Zaeon (increases racial level limits)
ring of spell storing (currently holds: Friends, Jump, Shatter)
earring of iron will (protects wearer against charm, ESP, mind control, etc.)
Embedded Crystal eye of Svirfnebli
  • in right eye socket
  • stays in place magically
  • offers continual infravision
  • offers continual ultravision
  • detects magic upon command
  • detects traps upon command
  • detects secret doors upon command
  • acts as eye of the eagle upon command
  • cannot be blinded
Carried Blackrazor
  • CN longsword +3
  • Int 17, Ego 16, per 32
  • purpose: to suck souls
  • slay foe w/soul to gain levels and full hp for [levels] turns
  • each 3 days unfed, ego gets +1 until a killing happens
  • speech & telepathy (Common + wielder's languages)
  • detect souls 60'
  • haste (10 rounds) 1/day
  • 100% resistance to charm and fear
figurine of wondrous power, 3-headed dog (vicious and somewhat uncontrollable)
cube of force
periapt of proof vs. poison
periapt of wound closure
portable hole
ruby skull of wizardry (relic, doubles # spells castable and reduces casting times)
dagger +2
Hand of Oblivion (artifact)
Seeking Scroll (blank sheet of translucent hide, carried within a tube of mithril; when commanded to locate a person or thing, magically draws a map on its surface, guiding the user from their current location to the destination)
Carried devices  
Kept Fork of Doom (three-pointed spear) [ancient Suel weapon which grants wielder the power to command any who hear and understand their voice]
Moonsword, found in moon gateway [any undead slain by this blade will be instantly reborn in their living, mortal form]
teeth of Orcus (plant for skeletons)
Kronos' hourglass (time stop 7/week)
iron flask (from Baron Albert, previously contained feebleminded vampiress Drusilla, currently contains black cloud from castle-in-the-sky)
seeing stones (from sky castle treasure; allow two people in different places to see/speak)
adamant box (from sky castle treasure; lacks seams/hinges and contains something; extremely powerful magic aura)
Extra teardrop of the gods (relic) (Parekh has it right now)
white spellbook (from moon gateway) [can only be opened by Good wizard] (Parekh has it right now)
Owned black ruby (from darkness gateway) [powerful and evil, currently loaned to Nenya for safekeeping]
Kronos' Skyship
XUSIA VAULT ARTIFACTS still being studied: spellbook w/true dweomer, Eye of Celestian, Loom of Ages, small mysterious triangular stone
black metal golem (dull black, 15' tall, armored warrior, built-in big hammer) (damaged)

Wizard Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 10 [D] = from Drusilla's spellbook
[Kl] = from Klark's spellbook
[Kr] = from Kronos' spellbook
[R] = from red-bound tome from Ged's will
[V] = from Vybool's spellbook
[X] = from Xusia's spellbook

Affect Normal Fires; Alarm; Armor; Audible Glamer; Burning Hands; Cantrip; Change Self; Charm Person; Chill Touch; Color Spray; Comprehend Languages; Dancing Lights; Detect Magic; Detect Undead; Enlarge; Erase; Find Familiar; Fire Burst [R]; Friends; Grease; Hold Portal; Identify; Jump; Magic Missile; Mending; Message; Mount; Phantasmal Force; Protection From Good; Protection From Evil; Read Magic; Reduce; Shield; Shocking Grasp; Shrink; Sleep; Taunt; Tenser's Floating Disc; Unseen Servant; Ventriloquism; Wall of Fog; Wizard Mark; Write
2nd 10 Blind; Blur; Darkness 15' Radius; Deafness; Detect Good; ESP; Flaming Sphere; Freezing Sphere [X]; Fog Cloud; Forget; Ghoul Glyph [X]; Glitterdust; Improved Phantasmal Force; Invisibility; Irritation; Knock; Know Alignment; Leomund's Trap; Locate Object; Magic Mouth; Melf's Acid Arrow; Mirror Image; Pyrotechnics; Ray of Enfeeblement; Shatter; Spectral Hand; Stinking Cloud; Summon Swarm; Web; Wizard Lock
3rd 10 Blink; Clairaudience; Clairvoyance; Dispel Magic; Explosive Runes; Fireball; Flame Arrow; Fly; Gust of Wind; Haste; Hold Person; Item; Lightning Bolt; Melf's Minute Meteors; Monster Summoning I; Non-Detection; Phantasmal Steed; Protection From Normal Missiles; Secret Page; Slow; Spectral Force; Suggestion; Tongues; Undead Summoning I [X]; Vampiric Touch; Wind Wall; Wraithform
4th 10 Charm Monster; Confusion; Curse; Dimension Door; Emotion; Evard's Black Tentacles; Extension I; Fear; Fire Shield; Fumble; Ice Storm; Immolate Self [V]; Leomund's Secret Shelter; Magic Mirror; Massmorph; Minor Creation; Monster Summoning II; Phantasmal Killer; Polymorph Other; Remove Curse; Shout; Solid Fog; Stoneskin; Undead Summoning II [X]; Wall of Ice; Wizard Eye
5th 10 Animate Dead; Avoidance; Chaos; Cloudkill; Cone Of Cold; Conjure Elemental; Domination; Extension II; Feeblemind; Hold Monster; Magic Jar; Magic Volley [D]; Major Creation; Monster Summoning III; Passwall; Protection From Undead [X]; Sending; Telekinesis; Teleport; Transmute Rock To Mud; Undead Summoning III [X]; Vybool's Subtle Advantage [V]; Wall Of Force; Wall of Iron; Wall of Stone
6th 6 Anti-Magic Shell; Chain Lightning; Death Fog; Death Spell; Disintegrate; Dismissal; Enchant an Item; Ensnarement; Extension III; Flesh to Stone; Forrest's Fiery Constrictor [R]; Ghost Ward [X]; Globe of Invulnerability; Guards And Wards; Legend Lore; Mass Suggestion; Men of Stone[Kl]; Monster Summoning IV; Otiluke's Freezing Sphere; Stone to Flesh; Transmute Water to Dust; Undead Summoning IV [X]
7th 6 Acid Storm [R]; Banishment ; Control Undead; Finger of Death; Forcecage; Ghost Trap [X]; Limited Wish; Malec-keth's Flame Fist [R]; Mirror Summons [Kl]; Power Word Stun, Prismatic Spray; Reverse Gravity; Teleport Without Error; Undead Summoning V [X]
8th 4 Airboat [Kr]; Abi-palzim's Horrid Wilting [R]; Binding; Gunther's Kaleidoscopic Strike [R]; Incendiary Cloud; Mass Charm; Mind Blank; Permanency; Polymorph Any Object; Prismatic Wall; Symbol
9th 2 Energy Drain; Gate; Meteor Swarm; Plague of Undead [X]; Power Word Kill; Wish

Thieving Skills

Pick Pockets 55%
Open Locks 60%
Find/Remove Traps 65%
Move Silently 95%
Hide in Shadows 95%
Detect Noise 93%
Climb Walls 95%
Read Languages 87%
Backstab Multiplier 5x
Can Use Scrolls moot

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