Rob as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


16th level priest
Race human Height 5'10" STR 11
Gender male Weight 162 lbs INT 17
Born 550 C.Y. Skin white WIS 19
Died   Hair blond DEX 15
Age 36 Eyes blue CON 15
        CHR 14
        COM 14


Alignment LG
Homeland Keoland
Patron deity Trithereon
Characteristics clumsy, bumbling, but means well
Significant other  
Family members  
Property/Holdings huge chunk of land w/massive new temple of Trithereon, complete as of episode 803
Miscellaneous immune to: Cause Fear, Charm Person, Command, Friends, Hypnotism


HP 71
AC -1/3
Preferred weapon footman's mace +3, 2-7/1-6 +3


Worn Suit of Shadows
This wondrous suit of mail, also known in lore as Wraithmail, was crafted long ago by the elves of Celene for a human paladin so that he might purge a lich-led horde of undead. It was later further enchanted so that he might rescue his elven love, and live with her for the rest of their days. In later days, the knight fell in battle against a dragon, which was later slain by a group of adventurers; the armour has had numerous owners since then.
Base armour:
  • Elfin Chain +4
  • User can assume Wraithform (as per the spell) 3/day
  • Sunray 3/day, 360 degrees, centered on wearer
  • User is immune to all special undead attacks
  • Permanent Non-detection and Proof vs Scrying/Detection/Divination/Location
  • Wearer ages as if he were an elf, as long as the armour is worn once a month
  • Charismatic effect (CHR 18) vs Elves, as long as the armour is worn once a month, initial meeting only
Note that for an evil wearer, all of the effects are reversed (armour is -4, undead attacks are double effect, aging is 5x normal, etc.)

necklace of prayer beads
Carried Mace of Tremors
  • footman's mace +3
  • allows wielder to speak with any earth-natured creature
  • foe hit must save vs paralyzation or be stunned for 1 round
  • when wielder strikes butt end hard into ground, sends forth ripple in the earth in 60 degree arc in front of wielder, knocks down anyone standing, 50% chance to knock down 4-legged creatures, damages or destroys walls in immediate path
  • can summon an Earthquake (as the spell) once/month
Thurabrand's Protector (medium +2 shield, reduces spell damages by half, blocks magic missiles)
flute of blessing (Bless and Protection from Evil for all allies in 50' radius)
fan of winds (Gust of Wind 3/day)
Carried devices  
Extra chain mail +2

Priest Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 10 Bless; Command; Create Water; Cure Light Wounds; Detect Evil; Detect Magic; Detect Poison; Light; Protection From Evil; Purify Food And Drink; Remove Fear
2nd 9 Aid; Chant; Detect Charm; Hold Person; Know Alignment; Messenger; Produce Flame; Resist Fire; Resist Cold; Silence 15' Radius; Spiritual Hammer; Wyvern Watch
3rd 8 Call Lightning; Continual Light; Create Food And Water; Cure Blindness or Deafness; Cure Disease; Dispel Magic; Glyph Of Warding; Locate Object; Magical Vestment; Prayer; Protection From Fire; Remove Curse; Remove Paralysis; Stone Shape; Water Breathing; Water Walk
4th 8 Abjure; Cloak Of Bravery; Cure Serious Wounds; Detect Lie; Free Action; Lower Pater; Neutralize Poison; Produce Fire; Protection From Evil 10' Radius; Spell Immunity; Tongues
5th 4 Air Walk; Atonement; Commune; Cure Critical Wounds; Dispel Evil; Flame Strike; Magic Font; Moonbeam; Plane Shift; Quest; Rainbow; Raise Dead; Spike Stones; Transmute Rock To Mud; True Seeing; Wall Of Fire
6th 3 Aerial Servant; Animate Object; Blade Barrier; Conjure Fire Elemental; Forbiddance; Heal; Part Water; Speak With Monsters; Stone Tell; Transmute Water To Dust; Weather Summoning; Word Of Recall
7th 1 Animate Rock; Astral Spell; Confusion; Control Weather; Earthquake; Exaction; Fire Storm; Gate; Holy Word; Regenerate; Restoration; Resurrection; Sunray; Symbol; Transmute Metal To Wood; Wind Walk

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