Peldor as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


20th level thief
Race human Height 5'11" STR 18
Gender male Weight 166 lbs INT 17
Born unknown Skin white WIS 9
Died   Hair brown with moustache DEX 18
Age unknown (appears as 27) Eyes brown CON 17
        CHR 18
        COM 17


Alignment N
Occupation Guildmaster of Thieves in Greyhawk
Homeland unknown
Patron deity none
Characteristics charismatic, persuasive, classy, yet dangerous
Significant other Tanya (wife)
Family members Ariel (daughter, born 1/578 in episode 600) (subsequent appearances in episodes 652, 746, 800)
Property/Holdings The Green Dragon Inn, in Greyhawk
land & subjects within Ged's holdings
Miscellaneous has permanent persuasiveness effect due to potion; Ariel (daughter, born 1/578 in episode 600) (subsequent appearances in episodes 652, 746, 800)


HP 80
AC -1/3
THAC0 7 using longsword +6
6 using daggers +3
Preferred weapon longsword +6 (1-8/1-12 +6), daggers +3 (2/1, 1-4/1-3 +5)


Worn leather armor +2
cloak of protection +2
ring of telekinesis
ring vs. insects
necklace of obscurity
hat of disguise
boots of striding and springing
amulet of tongues
Necklace of Obscurity
  • on loan from Peldor
  • minor artifact
  • wearer cannot be scried, tracked, or located by any magical means
Carried longsword +6
two daggers +3 of throwing
rope of climbing
adamantine meteorite
bag of holding (10,000 coins max)
pouch of accessibility
large bean
Daern's instant fortress
various spell scrolls (dimension door, hold monster, etc.)
potions of extra-healing, acid resistance
Carried devices  

Thieving Skills

Pick Pockets 95%
Open Locks 95%
Find/Remove Traps 95%
Move Silently 95%
Hide in Shadows 95%
Detect Noise 95%
Climb Walls 95%
Read Languages 95%
Backstab Multiplier 5x
Can Use Scrolls yes

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