Mongo Thunderhead as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


20th level fighter
Race dwarf Height 4'0" STR 18/71 (22 with girdle)
Gender male Weight 191 lbs INT 12
Born 501 C.Y. Skin brown WIS 12
Died   Hair black w/ beard DEX 14
Age 85 Eyes black CON 19
        CHR 13
        COM 11


Alignment CG
Homeland Flinty Hills
Patron deity various dwarven gods
Characteristics brave, powerful, tenacious, aggressive
Significant other  
Family members  


HP 132
AC 0/-6
THAC0 -8 (base 1)
Preferred weapon warhammer +5, (5/2) 2-5/1-4 (x2 if hurled) +17


Worn Invulnerable Coat of Arnd
  • +5 chain mail, indestructible
  • feather fall upon command
  • infravision to 90'
  • protection from evil
  • regenerate 2 hp/turn
  • haste 1/day
  • possessor loses interest in sex
  • yearning for item
  • item can geas/quest possessor
  • spell absorption (21 levels/week)
  • possessor gains temporary super-charismatic effect
necklace of adaptation
belt of the titans (confers godly strength upon true dwarven hero) [from armory gateway]
ring of fire elemental command (originally thought to be a ring of fire resistance)
  • Elementals from plane of fire cannot approach within 5'
  • Other beings from plane of fire suffer attack penalties, and Mongo gets attack bonuses
  • Mongo can converse, and they will show respect or fear for him
  • He suffers a -2 penalty on all saves vs water or cold attacks
  • Other powers, one at a time:
    • burning hands 1/turn
    • pyrotechnics 2/day
    • wall of fire 1/day
    • flame strike 2/week
    • fire resistance
  • All powers operate at 12th level or else minimum level needed, if greater
  • All powers have a -5 initiative modifier
ring of regeneration
silver helm (intended for a warrior, confers complete protection against all mental probing and attacks...ESP, empathic and psionic powers, charming, feeblemind, and the like)
Carried Stormcrest (an ancient dwarven artifact)
  • purpose: to slay giants and giant-kin
  • hammer +5, dwarven thrower (180' range, double damage dice, returns to thrower)
  • merely a hammer +1 for anyone not a dwarven warrior
  • requires 20 or higher strength to wield
  • hammer affects giants as does a hammer of thunderbolts; this is the only time it generates a thunderclap
  • can launch a lightning bolt of 10d6 power (2/day)
  • bearer may become extremely ill and weak when not on land for more than one day
  • bearer is compelled to attack all giants
  • bearer becomes prone to fits of both rage and sullen gloom, due to occasional and vague empathic flashbacks and visions of ancient dwarven times
medium shield +5
portable hole
holy torch of Darius (relic; appears as common torch but is far, far more)
  • this item was once borne by the ancient holy man Darius
  • ignites of its own accord, when brandished, if undead are within 200'
  • vaporizes any undead within 20' as 20th level priest (i.e. 9 HD and less are destroyed)
  • burns any non-vaporized undead of 10 HD or less within 50' for 5-20 damage per round
  • no undead can look directly at the holy light of the torch (-4 penalty to attack its wielder)
  • if actually touched to any undead, the torch inflicts 20-80 damage per touch or round
  • the torch can heal any afflictions (paralysis, strength drain, energy drain, mummy rot, vampirism from bite, etc) upon touching the victim, as long as the individual is still alive; it cannot raise the dead though.
ingot of adamant
horn of siege — this horn, when winded, causes a powerful earthquake (at the 25th level of magic use). It can be winded but once per month, and only by a warrior of at least 9th level
cornucopia of endless food (this item never fails to be full of plenty of tasty, nourishing fare, provided that it is in the hands of a Good individual)
Quaal's feather tokens (anchor, bird)
lens of detection
Havoc (triple-pinted spear with unknown battle-related powers
Carried devices  
Kept Tonga Dun's axe
girdle of fire giant strength
battleaxe +2
old battered dwarven mining helmet (from sky castle treasure, gift from Belphanior; conveys detail about surrounding stonework when worn by a dwarf)

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