Daffodil as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


11th level druid
Race human Height 5'5" STR 15
Gender female Weight 126 lbs INT 14
Born 542 C.Y. Skin golden brown WIS 15
Died   Hair dark curly brown DEX 17
Age 44 Eyes brown CON 16
        CHR 15
        COM 15


Alignment N
Occupation druidess
Homeland Vesve Forest
Patron deity Obad-Hai
Significant other Peyote
Family members Holly, Ivy, Lily (triplets, born in 582 C.Y.)
Miscellaneous daughter of Oakly Greenleaf, the Great Druid


HP 50
AC -1/4
THAC0 12
Preferred weapon quarterstaff +2 (1-6/1-6 +2)


Worn bracers of defense, AC4
boots of striding and springing
crystal amulet of healing (casts cure serious wounds, 3/day)
Carried Thornbolt
  • intelligent staff +2, female voice and mannerisms
  • successful hit inflicts extra 2-7 hp of electrical damage
  • hit on a natural 20 inflicts 6-24 hp of electrical damage
  • lightning bolt (10d6) 1/day
  • wall of thorns, 1/day
  • purify water, 3/day, by touch (up to 27 cubic feet)
  • plant growth, 3/day
  • speak with plants at all times
Carried devices  

Priest Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 7 All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plant, Weather
2nd 5  
3rd 4  
4th 3  
5th 2  
6th 1  
7th 0  

Druidic Abilities

Bonus to saves vs. fire and electricity +2
Speak Druidic Cant yes
Identify plants, animals, pure water yes
Pass without trace in woodlands yes
Number of woodland languages known 10
Immune to woodland creatures' charms yes
Can shapechange (1/day each: reptile, bird, mammal) yes

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