Razor Charlie as of 6/1/581 C.Y. (chapter 1004)


12th level fighter
Race human Height 6'1" STR 18/37
Gender male Weight 195 lbs INT 13
Born 534 C.Y. Skin dark brown WIS 10
Died   Hair black DEX 18
Age 47 Eyes black CON 18
        CHR 11
        COM 9


Alignment CN
Homeland unknown
Patron deity unknown
Characteristics absolutely fearless and cool under pressure
Significant other  
Family members  
Miscellaneous skilled in the use of the whip, the net, and possibly other weapons


HP 81
AC -1/5
THAC0 9 (base) or 1 (using throwing knives; double specialization)
Preferred weapon throwing knives, 1-4/1-3 +7


Worn 5 throwing knives +1
4 throwing knives +2
3 throwing knives +3
1 throwing knife +4
leather armor +2 [elven chain was sold and money used to buy more magical knives and potions]
bracer of speed (from armory gateway; doubles footspeed, reaction time, and # attacks)
set of 3 throwing knives +2 (blinding, paralysis, wounding)
Keogh's amulet (fast regeneration, resistance to disease & poison) (artifact)
Carried whip +3, of wounding, from frozen gateway
dagger +2
dagger of accuracy (always hits) [from armory gateway]
3 finely-crafted silver throwing knives
Bucknard's everfull purse (silver)
net of entrapment
skeleton key (will open most locks it's touched against)
chime of interruption
everfull drinking horn
boots of elvenkind
Carried devices  
Kept ITEMSEXTRA=9 finely-crafted silver throwing knives

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