Ged as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


15th/14th level priest/wizard
Race grey elf Height 5'8" STR 11 (19 with girdle)
Gender male Weight 106 lbs INT 20
Born 462 C.Y. Skin white WIS 20
Died 6/26/576 C.Y. Hair golden DEX 17
Age 114 (at death) Eyes green CON 16
        CHR 16
        COM 16


Alignment NG
Homeland Celene & Isles of Spindrift
Patron deity Boccob, god of magic and knowledge
Characteristics noble, haughty, loyal, solution-oriented
Significant other  
Family members  
Contacts Nenya (student & land surveyor)
Endymion (grey cat; familiar)
Deryck (ranger) (in charge of castle in Ged's absence)
Scotty (engineer) (has the lyre of building)
Calvin (page) (just a lad)
Property/Holdings castle and land outside of Greyhawk
  • from Greyhawk city, go west parallel to Selintan for 1 hex/10 leagues, then continue west rather than south with the river; go 10 more leagues toward Dyvers, then turn north; castle & land are on the shore of the Nyr Dyv
  • 3x3 league plot, opportunity for expansion
  • ruins just to west, and Nyr Dyv just to north
  • 40K for land originally
Miscellaneous immune to: Cause Fear, Charm Person, Command, Friends, Hypnotism, et al.
unaffected by 1st and 2nd level illusions


HP 53
AC -8/1
Preferred weapon morningstar +4, 2-7/2-8 +11
Preferred magic any and all


Worn elven chain mail +4
torus/talisman of pure good
belt vs. normal missiles
amulet of the planes
Carried Lightbringer
  • NG morningstar +4
  • Int 15, Ego 26
  • purpose: to slay undead
  • disintegrates undead upon successful hit (-4 to save)
  • detects undead within 60'
  • speaks Common + wielder's languages
  • continual light 3/day
  • sunray 1/week
  • fly 1/day
Baklunish fire wand, wielder commands nine powerful fire-related powers [18 charges per day]:
  • LBUZI kills all flames within 50' [1]
  • INZUS magnifies all flames within 50' by a factor of 5 [1]
  • BCIQ dancing lights, pyrotechnics in front of wand [1]
  • KNEC launches a fireball (10d6, no 1s or 2s) [2]
  • FBIZI does 5d10 heat damage to target [2]
  • AXUI engulfs target in flames (3d10) for 2-5 rounds [3]
  • PSAFT drains 10d10 hp from fire-oriented creatures [3]
  • CSPAN launches one flaming sphere at each living being in a 90 degree arc [4]
  • NDREK envelops a 10' wide path, out to 100', in flames (3d10 per round for 1 round) [4]
medium shield +5
wand of conjuration
Boccob's Blessed Book
decanter of endless water
figurines (golden lions)
harmonica of gravity
Carried devices  
Kept small quantities of Gorka root & cloud dragon powder
Extra stone golem

Wizard Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 5 Affect Normal Fires; Alarm; Armor; Burning Hands; Cantrip; Charm Person; Chill Touch; Color Spray; Comprehend Languages; Dancing Lights; Detect Magic; Detect Undead; Erase; Feather Fall; Find Familiar; Friends; Gaze Reflection; Hold Portal; Identify; Light; Magic Missile; Mending; Message; Mount; Protection From Evil; Read Magic; Shield; Sleep; Write
2nd 5 Bind; Blindness; Continual Light; Deafness; Detect Evil; Forget; Invisibility; Knock; Know Alignment; Leomund's Trap; Locate Object; Magic Mouth; Ray Of Enfeeblement; Rope Trick; Scare; Spectral Hand; Stinking Cloud; Tasha's Hideous Uncontrollable Laughter; Web; Wizard Lock
3rd 5 Blink; Clairaudience; Clairvoyance; Dispel Magic; Explosive Runes; Feign Death; Fireball; Flame Arrow; Fly; Gust Of Wind; Haste; Hold Person; Hold Undead; Lightning Bolt; Monster Summoning I; Protection From Evil, 10' Radius; Protection From Normal Missiles; Slow; Water Breathing
4th 4 Detect Scrying; Dig; Dimension Door; Evard's Black Tentacles; Fire Shield; Fire Trap; Ice Storm; Leomund's Secure Shelter; Massmorph; Polymorph Other; Polymorph Self; Remove Curse; Wall Of Fire; Wizard Eye
5th 4 Airy Water; Animate Dead; Avoidance; Cloudkill; Cone Of Cold; Conjure Elemental; Hold Monster; Teleport; Wall Of Force
6th 2 Anti-Magic Shell; Contingency; Stone To Flesh; True Seeing
7th 1 Drawmij's Instant Summons; Mordenkainen's Sword; Power Word, Stun
8th 0 Incendiary Cloud
9th 0  

Priest Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 9 Command; Cure Light Wounds; Detect Evil; Detect Magic; Light; Protection From Evil
2nd 9 Charm Person or Mammal; Enthrall; Find Traps; Hold Person; Know Alignment; Silence 15' Radius; Wyvern Watch
3rd 7 Continual Light; Cure Blindness or Deafness; Blind; Cure Disease; Dispel Magic; Glyph Of Warding; Remove Curse
4th 9 Abjuration; Cure Serious Wounds; Detect Lie; Divination; Neutralize Poison; Protection From Evil 10' Radius; Tongues
5th 4 Air Walk; Atonement; Commune; Cure Critical Wounds; Dispel Evil; Flame Strike; Plane Shift; Raise Dead; Rock To Mud; True Seeing
6th 2 Blade Barrier; Heal; Speak W/monsters; Weather Summoning
7th 1 Symbol

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