Nenya as of 4/19/586 C.Y. (chapter 1115)


12th/12th level fighter/wizard
Race grey elf Height 5'5" STR 13
Gender female Weight 84 lbs INT 17
Born 482 C.Y. Skin white WIS 16
Died   Hair silver DEX 17
Age 104 Eyes brown CON 15
        CHR 14
        COM 15


Alignment NG
Homeland Veluna
Patron deity unknown
Characteristics witty, competent, headstrong
Significant other Deryck (husband)
Family members Tyril (son, born summer 580 C.Y.)
Property/Holdings the Gedlands, west of Greyhawk; wizard school (Endymion) planned in future
Miscellaneous talented at land surveying and agriculture


HP 60
AC 1/-2
Preferred weapon shortsword +3, 1-6/1-8 +5
Preferred magic whatever gets the job done


Worn elven chain mail +2
ring of protection +3
Carried vorpal short sword +3
Murylnd's spoon
green-hide bound tome (empty book of infinite spells)
Boccob's blessed book (49 spell levels)
wand of conjuration
flying carpet (unique, 8'x12', 6 people, 18" speed)
Carried devices  
Kept strange green clay
all of Ged's spellbooks & notes!!!

Wizard Spells

Level  #  Known/Cast Often
1st 4 Burning Hands; Color Spray; Detect Undead; Enlarge; Freeze/Melt (self) ; Identify; Jump; Magic Missile; Mount; Read Magic; Protection From Evil; Reduce
2nd 4 Barrage (self) ; Continual Light; Darkness 15' Radius; Fog Cloud; Footprints (self) ; Glitterdust; Ironfall (self) ; Knock; Levitate; Melf's Acid Arrow; Mirror Image; Web
3rd 4 Dispel Magic; Fireball; Flame Arrow; Fly; Haste; Lightning Bolt; Melf's Minute Meteors; Slow; Wind Wall
4th 4 Emotion; Ice Storm; Plant Growth; Shout; Stoneskin; Wall Of Fire; Wall Of Ice; Wizard Eye
5th 4 Cone Of Cold; Conjure Elemental; Finding (self) ; Passwall; Teleport; Wall Of Force
6th 1 Anti-Magic Shell, Disintegrate, Enchant an Item, Move Earth
7th 0  
8th 0  
9th 0  

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