Ys as of 5/3/581 C.Y. (chapter 993)


13th level fighter
Race reptilian Height 8'6" STR 20
Gender male Weight 650 lbs INT 15
Born unknown Skin grey scales WIS 11
Died   Hair none DEX 17
Age unknown Eyes vertical-slitted double-lidded black CON 19
        CHR 12
        COM 7


Alignment LN
Homeland unknown — but once said to be warm, humid, swamp-like environment
Patron deity unknown
Characteristics calm, cool, collected; enjoys eating and drinking
Significant other  
Family members  
Miscellaneous forked tongue and greenish-blue blood
skilled wrestler/grappler
apparently immune to vampiric life drain and other undead powers
scales act as natural armor AC 4


HP 113
AC -3/0
Preferred weapon greatsword +2 (5/2, 2-20/6-36 +10)


Worn leather armor +4
ring of fire resistance
Carried 40-lb. greatsword +2
potion of intimidation
holy spoon (purifies water it's dipped in, within reason)
statuette of the snake-men (unknown relic of ancient scaled civilization)
Skull of Trakos [from armory gateway] (cursed great horned helm; Feebleminds anyone who puts it on, no save) (needs to be donated to Nenya)
Daern's Instant Fortress (small metal cube, from Gorath's treasure)
seeds from the sower (from sky castle treasure; single planted seed yields bountiful crops next morning; 21 seeds)
curse-breaking totem (from sky castle treasure; primitive wooden sculpture, destroys any cursed item it touches)
Gold Digger (old, worn shovel that can locate treasure)
serpent staff (transforms into large snake, confers protection from all snakes)
rod with shrunken head (parts water once per day when touched to surface)
fist-sized walnut (single-use item; when planted, causes a gigantic tree to grow rapidly)
Carried devices  
Extra great axe +4, from frozen gateway

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