Otto as of 6/1/581 C.Y. (chapter 1004)


12th/14th level fighter/thief
Race dwarf Height 3'10" STR 17
Gender male Weight 150 lbs INT 15
Born 534 C.Y. Skin light brown WIS 9
Died   Hair brown DEX 17
Age 47 Eyes green CON 17
        CHR 12
        COM 10


Alignment CN
Homeland Perrenland
Patron deity unknown
Characteristics vengeful, cunning, efficient, unafraid
Significant other  
Family members  


HP 77
AC -2/1
THAC0 10 (base) or 5 (using shortsword +3) or 4 (using crossbow +3)
Preferred weapon shortsword +3 (3/2, 1-6/1-8 +4)
crossbow +3


Worn leather armor +2
ring of protection +4
ring of regeneration
pouch of holding
boots of striding and springing
shortsword of Panagaea +3, +6 vs avians and reptiles (also gives water breathing, feather falling abilities)
Carried shortsword +3, of speed
barbed knife +3, of wounding
light crossbow +3, of accuracy
bolts +1 (9)
dagger +2 (hidden in boot)
tiny ornate lock (wizard locks all within 100' once/week)
cube of silence
4 crossbow bolts +1
everfull basin
various & sundry poisons
43 mp (mithril pieces)
mithril horn of Valhalla (from Ged via Mongo) (summons 2-5 berserkers of 6th level, usable only by a warrior)
Assassin's Knot (noose that, upon command, animates to strangle victim) [from darkness gateway]
silver-tipped crossbow bolts which have been blessed by a priest
numerous bottles of holy water
Wolfsbane (shortsword +1, +3 vs lycanthropes, +5 vs werewolves, exact powers unknown)
adamant spike +5
potions of conflagration (explode when the two are mixed)
dust of dryness
Carried devices  
Kept pot of endless smoke (from sky castle treasure; when opened, issues thick black smoke)
bag of crushing (from sky castle treasure; anything placed within is crushed as if between two heavy blocks of stone)

Thieving Skills

Pick Pockets 50%
Open Locks 95%
Find/Remove Traps 95%
Move Silently 90%
Hide in Shadows 90%
Detect Noise 80%
Climb Walls 90%
Read Languages 40%
Backstab Multiplier 5x
Can Use Scrolls no

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