Unique items from the Adventurers saga

(created and copyright 1991-2000 by Thomas Miller, all rights reserved)

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disclaimer: just because an item is listed next to a particular adventurer, doesn't imply that that person still owns it at the current episode time
Character Rings Rods, Staffs, & Wands Books Miscellaneous Weapons Swords Armor Artifacts & Relics
Alindyar ESP ring Bigby's wand   Glass globes of Xplo        
Arnold Ring of health     Robe, holy woolen
Rope of lengthiness
Belphanior   Lightning rod Book of Beasts
Kronos' Spellbook
Amulet of Necros
Belt of ogre power
Hourglass of Kronos
Kiel's compass
Teeth of Orcus
Trumpet of Doom
  Blackrazor   Eye of Elik
Egg of Nihlus (aka the anti-magic sphere)
Basket of Nihlus (aka the metal box)
Kronos' Skyship
Sky Castle
Bosco       Boots, winged
Box of Iso
Figurine of wondrous power: silver eagle
Marbles of chaos
Pebbles, light
Telescope, jewelled
Torch, everburning green
dagger, granite      
Lyra ESP ring   Infinite spellbook Blanket of warmth
Crucible of melting
Gorin       Armband of the airy ones
Bowl w/black spheres
Woodworkers' knife
Ged   Wand of the Baklunish   Belt vs. normal missiles
Dust of the cloud dragons
Gorka root
Harmonica of gravity
Kiel's sky balloon
Nenya       Clay of Molder
Pebbles, light
Otto       Candle of Darkness
Everfull basin
Lock of Smithy
Pouch of Holding
Water marbles
barbed knife of wounding      
Mongo       Cornucopia of endless food
Golden coin of Zilchus
Hell Cube
Horn of Siege
Kettle of stewing
      Invulnerable Coat of Arnd
Peldor Ring of insects' bane Scepter of the winds   Bean of Bonzo
Bell of healing
Jub-Jub bird feathers
Necklace of obscurity
dagger, glass Nightfang    
Rillen       Charm vs. wounds
Pyramid of Pyremius
Robes of protection
arrow, red
arrow, yellow
longbow of doubling
quarterstaff, Rillen's
sling stones of impact
Yod Ironbeard               Axe of the Dwarvish Lords


ESP rings (Alindyar and Lyra)

These rings, typically found in pairs, can be of any physical construction and appearance. When worn, they link the wearers telepathically, enabling them to communicate by thoughts alone up to a range of a hundred feet. It is theoretically possible to build other powers into these rings, as well as to "personalize" them so that only certain people can use their powers.

Ring of health (Arnold)

This powerful ring protects its wearer from all forms of disease, infection, and parasitic infestation.

Ring of insects' bane (Peldor)

This ring holds any and all insects at bay: they cannot approach within 10' of the ringbearer. RODS, STAVES, & WANDS:

Bigby's wand (Alindyar)

This highly useful wand can project each of the five Bigby's hand spells, once per week, at the 18th level of use.

Lightning rod (Belphanior)

This item is more bane than boon, for it has no inherent attack powers. Rather, it absorbs any electricity or lightning that comes within fifty feet, drawing such energy into itself with devastating effects for anyone who happens to be holding it at the time.

Scepter of the winds (Peldor)

This item acts as a ring of air elemental control, save that it operates on charges, having fifty at its creation.

Wand of the Baklunish (Ged)

The wielder of this mighty wand commands nine powerful fire- related powers: LBUZI kills all flames within 50' (1) INZUS magnifies all flames within 50' by a factor of 5 (1) BCIQ dancing lights, pyrotechnics in front of wand (1) KNEC launches a fireball (10d6, no 1s or 2s) (2) FBIZI does 5d10 heat damage to target (2) AXUI engulfs target in flames (3d10) for 2-5 rounds (3) PSAFT drains 10d10 hp from fire-oriented creatures (3) CSPAN launches one flaming sphere at each living being (4) in a 90 degree arc NDREK envelops a 10' wide path, out to 100', in flames (4) (3d10 per round for 1 round) The wand must be recharged after its ~100 charges are spent; this is a difficult process, requiring the cooperation of a red dragon, a demon, a fire elemental lord, or some similar being. BOOKS & TOMES:

Book of Beasts (Belphanior)

This ancient, hide-bound tome hails from some dark place, for its unnatural powers preclude any ideas that it was meant to be benevolent in nature. It possesses the following powers: Protection from Good & Evil, 10' radius when held Dismissal, Ensnarement, Banishment, Binding, Gate each 1/week Polymorph Self, Other, Any Object each 1/week Monster Summoning I-VII (user can try to specify what sort of creature he wants to summon, success is at the whim of fate) - each 1/month but the monsters stay for one month

Infinite spellbook (Lyra)

This rare and highly prized tome is capable of holding up to 99 spells, of any level. In all other respects, it is identical to a normal spellbook.

Kronos' Spellbook (Belphanior)

This ancient, unique tome contains several equally unique spells and formulae, most of them having to do with undead. The exact nature of the book remains unknown. Legend attributes Kronos' book with the power to raise a castle from the ground overnight, but this has not been verified. MISCELLANEOUS MAGIC ITEMS:

Amulet of Necros (Belphanior)

Created by a powerful high priest of Orcus, this amulet is shaped like a tiny skull, suspended on an adamantine chain. It grants its wearer complete immunity to harmful effects and powers of undead, e.g. energy drain, paralysis, charm, rotting touch. No undead being can willfully touch this amulet.

Armband of the airy ones (Gorin)

Constructed by the djinn, this powerful item confers several powers upon its wearer. The wearer is automatically granted feather falling when necessary, and can speak with any creature of the elemental plane of Air. He also gains a +3 bonus on reaction checks with such beings. Once per month, the armband can summon a 16HD air elemental to serve its wearer for one day.

Bean of Bonzo (Peldor)

This bean, when planted, tended, and watered, will grow into a tremendous beanstalk which arcs away into the clouds...

Bell of healing (Peldor)

This useful bell doubles the power of any healing spell cast while it is being rung.

Belt of ogre power (Belphanior)

Essentially a girdle of ogre strength, this belt is a bit thinner and narrower than those that offer giant strength.

Belt vs. normal missiles (Ged)

This belt confers a permanent "protection from normal missiles" spell upon its wearer.

Blanket of warmth (Lyra)

This spacious blanket will keep anyone or anything beneath/within it comfortably warm, even in the midst of a blizzard.

Boots, winged (Bosco)

These boots enable the wearer to fly as if he were wearing a ring of flying.

Bowl w/black spheres (Gorin)

What the hell _are_ these spheres?!?

Box of Iso (Bosco)

This box actually contains a set of magical items: two boots of striding and springing, one gauntlet of hill giant strength, and one eye of the eagle. Its origin is still shrouded in mystery.

Candle of Darkness (Otto)

This unusual candle, when lit, actually produces magical darkness of a 50' range. It also lowers the temperature within 10' by a significant degree.

Charm vs. wounds (Rillen)

This is simply a regenerative device, healing 1 hp of damage per round. It cannot, however, bring the wearer back from death as some rings can.

Clay of Molder (Nenya)

This green putty, if worked by one of exceptional skill, will actually assume the form of whatever it is molded into. This lasts for an entire week, upon which the construct reverts to clay form for an entire month.

Cornucopia of endless food (Mongo)

This item never fails to be full of plenty of tasty, nourishing fare, provided that it is in the hands of a Good individual.

Crucible of melting (Lyra)

This small metal pot will, upon command, magically melt anything put within it, up to and including nonmagical steel.

Dust of the cloud dragons (Ged)

This magical powder, when sprinkled over items, completely water- proofs them for an entire day. More, the affected items can still be used underwater, e.g. a scroll could still be used to cast a spell inscribed upon it.

Everfull basin (Otto)

This shallow pan is much like a decanter of endless water, but somewhat milder and easier to control.

Figurine of wondrous power: silver eagle (Bosco)

This figurine can transform into a large silver eagle, twice per day. This powerful bird moves and attacks as a giant eagle.

Glass globes of Xplo (Alindyar)

These two-inch diameter spheres of glass contain various magically- compressed gases. Upon breaking of a globe (throwing it at a hard surface will do) it shatters, releasing its contents in a cloud of twenty-foot radius. Typical gas-effects used include sleep, silence, poison, petrification, and blindness.

Golden coin of Zilchus (Mongo)

The possessor of this enchanted golden coin will never find himself without money.

Gorka root (Ged)

This unique herb, when eaten, enables one doing so to breathe normally underwater. The duration of this effect varies with the amount of root consumed, but a small sprig seems to be good for six hours or so.

Harmonica of gravity (Ged)

This small but powerful item can cast a "reverse gravity" spell once per week, if played and the command word is spoken. It may also nullify one such spell per week, if a second command word is spoken.

Hell Cube (Mongo)

This thing is basically a cubic gate tied to a single plane of existence: the first of the Nine Hells.

Horn of Siege (Mongo)

This horn, when winded, causes a powerful earthquake (at the 25th level of magic use). It can be winded but once per month, and only by a warrior of at least 9th level.

Hourglass of Kronos (Belphanior)

This small, sand-filled device of mithril, first found in episode 273, seems ornate but ordinary. However, it is actually a magical item of tremendous power; speaking the command word while turning it over will cause a Time Stop (per the spell) at the 20th level of magic use. This item was initially limited in its use (due to Belphanior's lack of experience with it) but currently, it can be used seven times per week.

Jub-Jub bird feathers (Peldor)

These exceptional feathers can only be found on the highly rare jub-jub bird. If severed and kept within a half-hour of the bird's demise, they bond themselves to their new owner in some way (legends tell of one fellow who found them attached to his rear end, but this is merely a legend). In one well-documented case, they assumed the form of small tattoos, a series of ten, one for each feather. The powers of the feathers/tattoos are: white.........feather falling silver........invisibility (as the ring) yellow........regeneration (as the ring) orange........+3 on saves red...........fire resistance (as the ring) green.........+3 protection gold..........wish (1/year) blue..........cold resistance purple........haste (3/day) black.........poison resistance

Kettle of stewing (Mongo)

This small pot magically cooks anything placed within it.

Kiel's compass (Belphanior)

This small, intricately carved item will, upon command, tell its user the direction and distance of a named place or individual, provided the quarry is on the Prime Material plane. In cases of extreme distance, the estimation may not be perfectly accurate.

Kiel's sky balloon (Ged)

Another of Kiel Morgan's unique artifacts, this small sphere can be transformed, by one who knows the command word, into a full-size floating balloon! This craft has a cabin on its underside, and is capable of carrying up to ten passengers. It is controlled and steered using a wheel and a pair of rudders, which are operated from within the cabin.

Lock of Smithy (Otto)

This tiny, ornate lock, upon utterance of the command word, will unbar bars, unbolt bolts, and unlock all locks within fifty feet.

Marbles of chaos (Bosco)

When one of these multicolored marbles is hurled against any hard surface, it becomes two marbles...which then become four marbles... and so on, to a maximum of 1024 marbles. Whee.

Necklace of obscurity (Peldor)

This highly magical trinket radiates a continual "non-detection" spell-like effect. Nobody or nothing, short of a divine source, can locate one who wears this necklace.

Pebbles, light (Nenya, Bosco)

These things are merely pebbles with a "continual light" cast upon them. The reverse (darkness pebbles) are also in existence.

Pouch of Holding (Otto)

This pouch has the properties and limitations of a quarter-size (one-fourth) bag of holding.

Pyramid of Pyremius (Rillen)

This small, heavy pyramid of black crystal has a flicker of flame perpetually dancing within. The item was originally a gift from the fire elementals to some mortal, but since then, it has moved from owner to owner. This is because it has somehow acquired the property of vanishing after any one individual uses it. The pyramid's sole known power is that it can summon a fire elemental lord (24 HD) to perform a favor or task for its bearer.

Robe, holy woolen (Arnold)

The wearer of this robe gains beneficial effects as if he or she had used a scroll of protection from undead.

Robes of protection (Rillen)

These are identical to cloaks of protection in all ways, save that they are slightly bulkier.

Rope of lengthiness (Arnold)

This thin, strong rope will resist any nonmagical edge, and will also, upon command, lengthen up to 200'.

Teeth of Orcus (Belphanior)

These small white fangs are harmless, until planted in any ground or soil. Once this happens, in one minute's time they will sprout skeletons! These creatures will be of maximum strength, and are completely loyal to their creator, serving until slain.

Telescope, jewelled (Bosco)

This finely-crafted, arcane item enables a viewer to see at double the strength and range of eyes of the eagle.

Trumpet of Doom (Belphanior)

This battered horn of black metal has the power to summon random types and numbers of undead whenever winded, up to thrice/day. The only drawback is that the undead are under no obligation to serve or obey the trumpet's user, and indeed, they may be upset at having been taken from wherever they were. The exact quantity and quality of summoned undead is up to the individual DM, though powerful ones should correspond with lesser numbers (once, a lich was summoned, but it was the only undead to appear).

Water marbles (Otto)

These small, hard blue spheres of glass, when shattered, transform into ten gallons of fresh, clean water.

Torch, everburning green (Peldor --> Bosco)

This item burns constantly, but gives off no heat or flame, only a green glow. Thus, it can be stashed safely in a pack or bag, without danger of fire. It does become a nuisance when trying to pass undetected, though.

Woodworkers' knife (Gorin)

In the hands of a woodworker, this tiny whittling knife can be used to produce carvings of wondrous quality. WEAPONS:

arrow, red (Rillen)

When it strikes its target, this highly-enchanted shaft explodes in a blazing fireball (10d6 damage). It can only be fired once.

arrow, yellow

This unique shaft, when fired, splits into a hundred flaming arrows (1d6 + 1d6 fire, can ignite target). It is a one-shot item.

barbed knife of wounding (Otto)

This knife operates exactly like a sword of wounding, save that it is easier to wield. It is not practical for throwing, though.

dagger, glass (Peldor)

The blade of this dagger is composed entirely of a dark, smoky glasslike substance. This weapon has a +5 bonus to hit and damage, and better yet, the mystical properties of the blade allow it to pass through metal as if it wasn't even there. Thus, a victim wearing armor might as well be naked, as far as this dagger is concerned.

dagger, granite (Bosco)

This handy weapon slices through any and all stone as if it were butter. Earth elementals, stone golems, xorn, and similar creatures take quadruple normal damage from this dagger. In all other respects it is merely a +2 weapon.

Lightbringer (Ged)

NG morningstar +4 Int 15, Ego 26 purpose: to slay undead disintegrates undead upon successful hit (-4 to save) detects undead within 60' speaks Common + wielder's languages continual light 3/day sunray 1/week fly 1/day

longbow of doubling (Rillen)

This +3 longbow magical duplicates and fires any arrow fired from it. If the original arrow hits, so does the clone. This power of arrow-mimicking works on all arrows save unique ones. All duplicate arrows vanish upon hitting (or missing).

quarterstaff, Rillen's (Rillen)

quarterstaff +4 can shorten to 1' or lengthen to 6' upon command light, yet virtually unbreakable may have other magical powers

sling stones of impact (Rillen?)

These stones were color-keyed, and upon hitting a target, they exploded, causing 3d8 of damage. They came in fire, ice, acid, and lightning varieties. SWORDS:

Blackrazor (Belphanior)

CN longsword +3 Int 17, Ego 16, per 32 purpose: to suck souls slay foe w/soul to gain levels and full hp for [levels] turns each 3 days unfed, ego gets +1 until a killing happens speech & telepathy (Common + wielder's languages) detect souls 60' haste (10 rounds) 1/day 100% resistance to charm and fear

Nightfang (Peldor)

N longsword +4 of sharpness wieldy and light as a dagger for initiative and melee purposes only a powerless +1 sword in the hands of a non-thief purpose: to aid and abet rogues (namely, its owner) grants nine lives to worthy wielder, via teleportation to nearest safe point at moment of death ARTIFACTS:

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords (Yod Ironbeard)

The legendary Axe of the Dwarvish Lords is a powerful artifact with the sharpest of axe-heads on one side and a hammerhead on the other. Forged by the dwarven lords of old, this item is a fearsome weapon with several other powers and properties:

Eye of Elik (Belphanior)

Egg of Nihlus (aka the anti-magic sphere) (Belphanior)

This dull metallic sphere is 3' across and weighs 3000 lbs. It has the interesting and quite powerful property of negating all magic in a 1-mile radius. This includes spells, items (even artifacts!) and effects. Upon leaving the Egg's area of effect, all magical items and effects return to normal; spells are simply lost.

Basket of Nihlus (aka the metal box) (Belphanior)

This hollow cube of unknown and unique alloys is exactly three feet across, on its interior. A hinged lid and clasp enable it to be closed and secured. This box has only one power: it keeps the nullifying radiations of the Egg of Nihlus (qv) from escaping.

Invulnerable Coat of Arnd

Stormcrest (Mongo)

An ancient dwarven artifact

Kronos' Skyship (Belphanior)

This wondrous vessel was created centuries ago by the lich Kronos. A medium-sized coaster (round ship) approximately seventy feet long and twenty feet wide, this ship doesn't sail the oceans and seas, but rather the skies. Lacking oarholes and oars, the vessel is powered by mighty magic, and operated by a spoked steering wheel (as well as various knobs, levers, and similar controls) within the bridge. It was noted that a "normal" ship of this type and size would require a crew of about twenty to man it in the water.

The ship's main deck is tiered slightly, such that it is higher in the center with a somewhat lower elevation fore and aft. Atop this raised midship section, or forecastle, is a small enclosed bridge with large portholes on all sides, large enough to hold four people. Above this cabin - rising _through_ it, actually - is the main mast, atop which rests a crow's nest. From the main deck, steps lead from fore and aft up onto the forecastle, upon which is the enclosed cabin with its single door to the aft side. Behind (aft of) the forecastle, more steps lead back down to the main deck, and nearby is a large hatch which leads to a cargo hold below. Further back is a smaller raised sterncastle, without a cabin but elevated about six feet above the main deck. In front (fore) of the forecastle and cabin is the second, smaller mast; after that lies more open deck followed by the ship's prow:

                  THE SKYSHIP'S LOWER HOLDS:

A  main cargo holds (2 decks high)            __|   = 5'
B  armory area                            // or \\  = stairs
C  stairway up and down                      ||     = mast
D  first mate's cabin                       ....    = portholes
E  captain's cabin                            $     = door
F  supplies/storage                               : = landing by stairs
G  food & drink storage
H  officer quarters (5 cabins)
I  guest cabin
J  lower crew quarters (17 small berths) & mess
K  magical power room

                              ||                      <-- main mast
secondary mast -->  ||        ||__
             _______||________|___\___________        <-- bridge
             _        //     //             /    1
               \______//      \\            /     2
stern           \_____________//___________/      3   bow

              /        |     __  | D |    \_.     1 (upper deck)
             |    A     \ B :C_| |__ |_ E    \
             |          /   :___\  ___$    _./

                /     | F      __ | | | | \.      2 (middle deck)
               |  A   |_______|_  | | | | I \
               |      | G     |__  _ H_ $  ./

                 /    | | | | __  | | | | \       3 (lower deck)
                |     $       __|  J     __|
                |  K  |                    |

At all points, the deck is circled by an ornate metal railing which stands about four feet higher than the planks of the deck. Those planks are fashioned of some polished, extremely hard wood, perhaps bronzewood.

Currently, Belphanior and Otto have experience piloting the skyship. The half-elf Deryck was also trained at this. The vessel's flying speed varies (one of the levers in the bridge controls the magical thrust, which translates to airspeed). At maximum speed, the skyship has traveled from the Forlorn Forest to the Isle of Woe in just under one full day; its cruising speed once took it from the Pelisso Swamp to the Hold of the Sea Princes in four days. Belphanior seems more inclined to run the ship at the cruising speed; it is possible that he knows something that others are not privy to.

The skyship was first seen when Belphanior identified a unique spell from Kronos' spellbook which summoned the vessel. It had powerful guardians (an air elemental and a cloud golem) which were overcome after great battles. Belphanior and his group used the skyship regularly until it was damaged by a roc in episodes 708-709 and sunk in the waters somewhere near the lost isle of Panagaea. The vessel was still notably absent in episode 802, and Belphanior was thinking about recovering it in episode 810. The skyship was finally salvaged and repaired by Parekh; she and Pallin also added teleportation devices to it. A ring of silver runes on the cabin's aft wall allows teleportation to "one of Parekh's laboratories" while a ring of black runes to the right of the silver ones leads to whatever location a linked loop of black cord is placed. While Belphanior hasn't used these capabilities much, they remain in place, and potentially useful.

Sky Castle (Belphanior)

This unique and surely divinely-created fortress is, simply put, a castle built atop a mass of rock within a cloud...all of this floating far above the surface of the world (specifically the Griff Mountains in northeastern Oerik). The castle's outer wall is approximately 200' square and 100' high relative to the outside ground - ground which is covered in clouds that always reform if blown aside, burned away, or otherwise tampered with. Both this ground and its cloud cover extend approximately 200' from the castle in all directions, such that the actual "castle and grounds" are, overall, a roughly 600' square. Towers protect the four corners of the outer wall; these are twenty feet higher than the wall itself. The outer wall has no windows or doors of any kind.

Inside the outer wall is an open-air courtyard whose floor is a mere 20' below the wall's top; this means that the bulk of the wall shields an underground region. The wall's interior has a ten-foot side ledge, four feet below the top of the wall, that goes all the way around. Each of the wall's four sides holds two narrow stone stairways that lead up onto this ledge, for a total of eight ascent points. Each of the four corner towers has a door connecting its base to the courtyard floor.

A massive central keep rises from the middle of the courtyard, its lower portion built into the castle beneath the courtyard while its upper portion towers over a hundred feet above the courtyard's dirt floor. A scant few windows - all of them protected by iron bars - dot this keep's wall at heights of approximately forty, sixty, and eighty feet. The keep has a large pair of sturdy-looking double doors at ground level, in the center of its east-facing wall. These twin portals are fashioned of solid metal, ten feet high and eight feet wide apiece, and are flush with the stone wall around them. They lack any visible hinges, handles, or keyholes, and only open inward. These portals can be secured from the inside via a large, thick beam of wood.

      ___                                            ___
     |   |__________________________________________|   |
     |__                                              __|
        |                                            |
        |                                            |
        |                                            |
        |                                            |
        |                                            |
        |                ____________                |       N
        |               |            |               |      W+E
        |               |            |               |       S
        |               |            ]               |
        |               |            ]               |    _| = 10'
        |               |            |               |
        |               |____________|               |
        |                                            |
        |                                            |
        |                                            |
        |                                            |
        |                                            |
      __|                                            |__
     |    __________________________________________    |
     |___|                                          |___|

                         /          \
                        |            |
                        |            |
                        |     o      |
                        |            |
                        | O       O  |
                        |            |
     |___|              |  O       O |              |___|
     |   |______________|____________|______________|   |
     |   |              |            |              |   |
     |   |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ |_ _ _ _ _ _ |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ |   |
     |   |                                          |   |
     |   |                                          |   |
     |   |                                          |   |
     |   |                                          |   |
     |   |                                          |   |
     |   |                                          |   |
     |   |                                          |   |
     |   |                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ clouds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  The central keep has five "above-ground" floors, generalized thusly:

  ground floor:  entry/armory
  second floor:  quarters
  third floor:   quarters
  fourth floor:  master suite
  fifth floor:   control chamber

TOP VIEW of keep's ground floor:
        |                                            |
        |                ____________                |       N
        |               |            |               |      W+E
        |               |            |/              |       S
        |               |                            |
        |               |                            |    _| = 10'
        |               |#           |\              |
        |               |###_________|               |    #  = stairs up
        |                                            |
        |                                            |

TOP VIEW of keep's second floor:
        |                                            |
        |                __.______.__                |       N
        |               |     |#|    |               |      W+E
        |               :     |#|    :               |       S
        |               |___ _|#|_  _|               |
        |               |  _  __   __|               |    _| = 10'
        |                 |    |     :               |
        |                 |.___|__.__|               |    .  = window
        |                                            |    :  = window
        |                                            |    #  = stairs up

TOP VIEW of keep's third floor:

        |                                            |
        |                __.______.__                |       N
        |               |   |  __    |               |      W+E
        |               :     |#|    :               |       S
        |               |   | |#|____|               |
        |               |___| ____  _|               |    _| = 10'
        |               |      |     :               |
        |               |__.___|__.__|               |    .  = window
        |                                            |    :  = window
        |                                            |    #  = stairs up

TOP VIEW of keep's fourth floor:

        |                                            |       N
        |                ____________                |      W+E
        |               |,,_    | () |               |       S
        |               |_  |#|_|_  _|               |
        |               |            |               |    _| = 10'
        |               :            :               |
        |               |            |               |   ,,  = door
        |               |_____.._____|               |    .  = window
        |                                            |    :  = window
        |                                            |    #  = stairs up

TOP VIEW of keep's fifth floor:

        |                                            |      N
        |                   _______                  |     W+E
        |                 /  _     \                 |      S
        |                |  |^|   _||                |
        |                |        _||                |   _| = 10'
        |                |   ##    ||                |
        |                 \________/                 |   ^  = stairs down
        |                                            |   ## = table
        |                                            |

As of episode 976, Belphanior has four stone golems positioned outside the keep's double doors as guards. Additionally, there are two more stone golems, plus three iron golems, a coal golem, a glass golem, and a black metal golem within the armory. The castle has an arcane tome, bound in mithril sheets, which details various properties of the place. The other vital component for anyone wishing to master the sky castle is a strange magical key, which is necessary to use the control chamber on the fifth floor (this key also allows its bearer to bypass/ignore the castle's protective barrier, if that field is active). Said barrier can be raised or lowered by using one of the arcane levers in the control area; when the barrier is up, it absolutely seals the sky castle, preventing physical or magical passage (including summoning). It is possible to open a small hole in this barrier, using the various dials and levers. Belphanior has also learned that the viewing mirror on the fifth floor can be used to scry the airspace in the sky castle's immediate vicinity.

In episode 976, it was discovered that the special four-sided castle key opened a ramp in the first-floor armory, leading down to a basement that consists of a single large room:

TOP VIEW of keep's first subterranean floor:

         |             ________________             |
         |            |                |            |      N
         |            |                |            |     W+E
         |            |   vv           |            |      S
         |            |   vv           |            |
         |            |        *       |            |   _| = 10'
         |            |                |            |
         |            |                |            |   v  = ramp up
         |            |                |            |
         |            |________________|            |   *  = spiral
         |                                          |         staircase
         |                                          |          down

This are was likely once used for troop or siege equipment storage, and has a 20' ceiling, but is not empty save for a spiral metal staircase in its center. This leads down a hundred feet to a small metal room with a hatch in the east wall. The mithril key opens this hatch and permits access to a surrounding cylindrical chamber 100' across and 40' high, lined with two dozen 10' cylinders on its outer edge. These are fashioned of a glasteel-like substance, linked by numerous metal pipes, and contain mystical blue vapors which provide the power necessary for the sky castle to remain aloft.

TOP VIEW of keep's deep subterranean floor:

         |              _______________             |
         |             /               \            |      N
         |            /                 \           |     W+E
         |           |       _____       |          |      S
         |           |      |     |      |          |
         |           |      |  *  #      |          |   _| = 10'
         |           |      |_____|      |          |
         |           |                   |          |   #  = metal hatch
         |            \                 /           |
         |             \_______________/            |   *  = spiral
         |                                          |         staircase
         |                                          |          up

After this most recent exploration, it appears that the entirety of the sky castle has now been explored.