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         INDEX TO EPIC V    (episodes 801 - 1000)

801      Belphanior returns to Helgate with miners, recovering the anti-magic sphere, Angus, and the wispy thing
802      Belphanior gets Parekh and Pallin to point him toward the trail of Xusia
803      On the way south, the group detours to visit Rob at his new temple, and acquires an unwanted companion
804      While heading south by ship, the group is attacked by pirates
805      The group triumphs and resumes their voyage to Idee, then continues by land
806      Giant birds are repelled; Elgon reveals some details about himself; ettins attack the camp at night
807      The group enters the Vast Swamp, very quietly passes a huge dozing alligator, and encounters a bullywug force
808      The group is attacked by an assortment of aggressive plant life
809      Almost free of the desolate swampland, the group is attacked by a black dragon, and someone falls forever
810      The group rests in the city of Ekul, ventures to the Pelisso Swamp, and locates a hidden temple
811      An undead beholder is fought, along with other undead; the ruler of the temple is found
812      The vampiress Drusilla is interrogated, which opens the door to a great many secrets
813      Rob, Peyote, Halbarad, Rillen, et al witness the construction of the great ship _Odyssey_
814      The voyage begins, and multiple attacks are made by ships of the Scarlet Brotherhood
815      A huge shark attacks the _Odyssey_; afterward, the ship heads past the last known civilized lands and leaves charted waters
816      Mongo receives a magical distress message from Greyspire, and forms a rescue party
817      Mongo, Alindyar, Lyra, and Bosco arrive outside the fortress, and attempt to get inside
818      The group explores the fortress, but doesn't find much; they eventually determine that the answers lie below
819      Some strange spider-like monsters are fought
820      A much larger, talking version of those monsters is fought, and further menace is hinted at
821      Assistance is summoned, and the now-fortified group comes upon a bottomless vertical shaft
822      Belphanior and company recap everything they recently accomplished, then utilize the gateway system for the first time
823      The group appears in a dungeon deep beneath the Sea of Dust and fights a sand elemental
824      Belphanior parleys with the mummy-king Al-arakara
825      Treachery leads to a great battle
826      Fleeing the Sea of Dust via gateway, the group finds themselves in a new location
827      Further exploration reveals that they are in some unknown but very cold place
828      The group next journeys to another new gateway, nestled within a mountain range somewhere
829      After some exploration, the group ventures to yet another new gateway, and is attacked by animated plant life
830      They defeat the hostile flora, then emerge from the gateway complex into the wilderness within Furyondy
831      After trying a new gateway, the party is apparently split up and sent to random non-gateway destinations
832      Belphanior finds himself stripped of all possessions and captured by vicious slavers, who are then attacked by an even more vicious pack of savage wolves
833      Belphanior breaks free and quickly increases his chances of survival
834      The wolves' secret is revealed, but Belphanior drives them off and assumes command of the surviving humans
835      Belphanior leads the survivors to an old inn off the main road, but finds a nasty surprise in there
836      A massacre ensues in the old inn
837      Belphanior, now the sole non-wolf survivor, faces yet another surprise...and a threat
838      In the far reaches of the Solnor Ocean, it turns out that two weeks away from land can get boring...until hostile ships approach and attack
839-840      A rather complicated waterborne battle takes place, with heavy use of both magic and weapons
841      In Greyspire, Mongo, Alindyar, Lyra, and Bosco descend a _long_ way and eventually find a huge cavern
842      The group faces the gatekeeper of this area, a sickening creature that defies description
843      After a tough battle, they head toward another section of the cavern system
844      Belphanior emerges from the wilderness into the city of Hokar, in the Hold of the Sea Princes
845      Belphanior foils an assassination attempt, then follows the trail leading to his stolen items
846      Belphanior arrives in Monmurg and uses every trick he knows to formulate a plan to attack Tyros and reclaim his possessions
847-848      Through a combination of planning, experience, and daring, Belphanior invades Tyros' manor and takes on the wizard in a great battle that ranges all about
849      Defeated and beaten to the verge of death, Belphanior is tried in a kangaroo court and sentenced to death on the morrow
850      Belphanior gets a surprise stay of execution, while his captors just get a surprise
851      As the _Odyssey_ enters uncharted reaches of the Solnor Ocean, the captured second mate spills the beans about the Scarlet Brotherhood's attempt to stop the voyage
852      The _Odyssey_ encounters a hell of an ocean storm, and then something even worse
853      The seafarers must work fast to save the ship from an unmentionable fate
854      The seafarers come upon a sargasso of derelict ships
855      Savage fish-men attack
856      Savage fish-men perish
857      An island is spotted
858      On the island, they find hostile plant-like beings
859      The island's incredible secret is revealed
860      In Greyspire, Mongo, Alindyar, Lyra, and Bosco find a pair of huge black metal doors
861      They enter a cavernous arena filled with demons
862      The Scourge of Greyspire is revealed
863-865      A great battle against a host of demons is fought in the lowest reaches of Greyspire
866      Bosco has a strange and humorous dream
867      The fate of Belphanior's companions is explained to him, along with the series of events that led to his rescue
868      After some strategic capability upgrades, the gateway exploration resumes
869      A strange gateway complex is explored
870      Some exploration reveals the amazing truth about where the are...as well as a foe
871      Battle is cut short by something large and terribly dangerous
872      A hasty item-gathering and evacuation commences
873      They retreat to the Pelisso Swamp gateway to rest and recuperate
874      Two more gateways are explored, and the group finds itself in the middle of someone else's battle
875      Their second meeting with Al-arakara ends in another draw
876      The _Odyssey_ encounters something very, very strange in the middle of nowhere
877      The mysterious fog-bank is breached
878      The ship sails through the barrier and finally sights the object of their voyage: land
879      A fateful discovery is made
880      The crew of the _Odyssey_ work together to cope with a major problem
881      Belphanior's group returns to safety, and the elf decides to get Neera and Nenya working together
882      With fresh and corrected knowledge about the runes for the gateways, the group regroups and plans
883      After making some default plans for hostile gateways, the group ventures to a new gateway
884      After ascending a stairway for almost an hour, they find themselves in a surprising location
885      Another gateway is explored and a secret treasure chamber found
886      A mighty armory is found
887      A second mighty armory is found!
888      The loot from the armory is identified and divided
889      The adventurers test their new magic items, but everything doesn't go smoothly
890      The group heads to Greyhawk to enlist Mongo's help
891      After catching up with Peldor and company, Belphanior prepares to head to Greyspire to talk to Mongo
892      Alindyar seals Greyspire, freeing up Mongo to accompany Belphanior
893      Belphanior explains the gateways to Mongo, and then the whole group travels to a jungle gateway
894      The group appears in a desert gateway, and Mongo flexes his newfound muscle
895      A new gateway is guarded by a trio of odd golems, and also proves problematic to escape
896      Intermission: a trilogy of tales from the far and near past provide insight into the same thing: Victoria
897      Belphanior reasons his way out of the trap-gateway; the group takes a night to rest and recuperate, then explores a new gateway with four evil artifacts
898      The next gateway turns out to be in the Underdark, and vampires are fought
899      They journey to perhaps the most surprising destination of all
900      Belphanior calls a meeting to summarize the entire series of gateway explorations: where each one was, what (if anything) guarded it, what treasures were gained, etc. Also, some tensions come to a head and some long-term issues are discussed.
901      Belphanior's group heads to Greyhawk; Bosco relishes his new role at the Green Dragon Inn
902      Everyone catches up
903      Belphanior prepares to execute his latest and most ambitious plan
904-910      The group launches a multi-pronged attack on the city of Monmurg
911      After the carnage at Monmurg, Belphanior exacts some revenge
912      Belphanior experiences a most unexpected turn of events
913      A group of adventurers, in trouble deep within a dungeon, summons help...and gets a surprise
914      The _Odyssey_ group, newly shipwrecked on a mysterious land, assesses their situation and makes a plan
915      Progress is made in every area
916-918      Halbarad decides to take a small group and explore deep inland
919      Belphanior, now more wanted than ever before, stops by Greyhawk to borrow something from Peldor
920      Belphanior and company find that the gateway to Al-arakara's underground city no longer functions, so they instead head to the Underdark gateway last seen in a past battle
921      The group battles a whole bunch of giant spiders, and accidentally collapses the cavern containing that gateway
922      The group re-purposes Drusilla's old home in the Pelisso, and decides upon their next course of action
923      Greyhawk's Oligarchs convene to discuss Belphanior's recent activities
924-925      Belphanior's group heads to the Bandit Kingdoms on a covert mission
926      Belphanior's group attacks a slaving outpost in the Amedio Jungle
927      They further explore the gateway area on the moon, and free the prisoner there
928      After a brief conversation, the winged being departs, leaving the group to explore the rest of the gateway
929      One member of the team announces their retirement from adventuring
930      Belphanior goes to Greyhawk to put an end to his legal troubles in the Free City
931      Belphanior enlists Alindyar's help to decipher a whole bunch of spellbooks
932      Belphanior enlists Alindyar's help to identify a whole bunch of magical items
933      Alindyar and Lyra confront Parekh about some of her past deeds
934      Belphanior persuades Neera to live and work with him
935-939      On the lost continent, Halbarad's group befriends a native, learning about a cannibal tribe and the mountainous pass that they guard
940-942      Belphanior's group has another run-in with the forces of the Sea Princes
943      Otto, Mongo, Elgon, and Skektek exchange scary stories around a campfire feast
944      Belphanior and company ponder the dilemma of the Sea Princes' vengeance
945      Neera's solution is implemented
946      Catching up with Razor Charlie
947      Belphanior, Neera, and Parekh create anti-scrying rings to shield the party from revenge
948-950      On the lost continent, Halbarad's group attempts to break through the hidden mountain pass and find the secrets beyond
951      Belphanior and company wrap up some loose ends and find a way to avoid scrying by enemies
952      They prepare for their next mission: finding the mysterious lich Kronos
953      They investigate Kronos' former tomb in the Cairn Hills
954      They learn the exact details and outcome of the past battle in the tomb
955      The history, powers, and current whereabouts of Kronos are discussed
956      The group heads to the Corusk Mountains to hopefully find Kronos
957      They stop for supplies and rest in a town along the way, narrowly avoiding a barfight
958      As they close in on Kronos, they receive a warning of sorts
959      At last...Kronos!
960-961      Belphanior and Kronos come to terms
960-967      Assault upon Al-arakara
968      Aftermath of the great battle
969      In search of a means to attain the most powerful magic, Belphanior leads the others to the Vale of Death, and a long-forgotten pseudo-foe: Gorath
970      They explore the dungeon and find its secret, and then face a most unexpected fight
971      Those not mysteriously absent undertake various endeavors
972      Those who are absent must overcome some strange foes in order to return home
973      Belphanior and company chance upon a mighty new lair; the comatose vampiress Drusilla undergoes a life-changing event
974      A ton of loose ends are dealt with
975      Dangerously powerful foes from the past return
976      More loose ends - including the sky castle's operation and some Greyhawk lore - are resolved
977      Those on the mysterious lost continent are revisited