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         INDEX TO EPIC II    (episodes 126 - 425)

126-135      Reunion session part I: Adventures on an alternate world
136-143      Reunion session part II: Finale to part I; Alindyar, Lyra, and Flint die in battle
144      The party, its number diminished, returns to Oerth; much rest, grieving, and treasure division follows
145      Mongo leaves for parts unknown; Belphanior disappears; Peldor becomes a tavern owner; Ged and Rillen visit him
146      Belphanior works on his little home
147      Mongo travels eastward and finds himself embroiled in a small- scale war with giants
148      Mongo continues to do battle
149      Party regroups in Greyhawk and makes an unusual pact
150      Party travels to Elemental Plane of Water to rescue Bosco's soul, for Peldor's quest
151      Party decides to travel to Mongo's homeland and find the evil elf who had caused the previous trouble, for Mongo's quest
152      Party encounters some sphinxes and plays the riddle game
153      Party fights the evil elf and his minions/companions and almost gets wiped out
154      Party explores the elf's lair
155      Party fights a humanoid army
156      Party flirts with battle in Aerdy, heads northward, then gets shot down by a black dragon
157      Party rests in Ratik
158      Arnold's home village is reached, and a great feast is had
159      The great hunt commences
160      The great hunt concludes; the party heads west
161      Having decided to search for a red dragon to recharge Ged's wand, the party enters the Griff Mountains, and fights a pack of trolls
162      Party fends off jermaline ambushes, and some of them follow a captured jermaline into the dragon's lair; they learn the true identity of the dragon
163      Ged turns the tables on Cynder; the party flees the dragon's wrath, and fights off another jermaline ambush
164      The jermaline make their ultimate attack, burying the party beneath an avalanche; eventually, the group escapes; Cynder appears in disguise and teleports them away
165-172      Tomb of Horrors (S1)
173      The party recuperates in Ged's castle; Mongo and Belphanior are returned to their normal states
174      Everybody takes care of personal business: Ged makes a new resolution; Peldor goes out on a date; Rillen returns Sylvie to the sea; Belphanior deals with the city officials who are trying to take his land; later, Lyra teleports into Ged's castle, half-dead
175      Along with Lyra, but without Bosco and Gorin, the party ventures into the Underdark to rescue Alindyar from the occupants of a drow city
176      (interlude) Bosco and Gorin have an adventure of their own
177      The main party wanders the plane of Concordant Opposition
178      Most of party decides to go to the hold of the Sea Princes to free all of the land's slaves, for Belphanior's quest
179-185      Various travels and travails...
186-192      The party fights its way through Westkeep and frees more than a thousand slaves
193      The party meets up with another party, who is pursuing them; some old friends turn up in this group
194      Everyone talks with the king of Keoland, in Gradsul; Alindyar and Lyra then teleport everyone to Greyhawk
195      A new quest, one of earth-shattering importance, is defined for the party
196      Party teleports to Scant, in Onnwal, and boards the warship _Victory_ for a voyage to the southern oceans and beyond
197      Party explores the sargasso-sea of mired ships, and fights its inhabitants for the Water Rune
198      Party heads to the far north, more specifically the Land of Black Ice, in search of the Time Rune
199      The adventurers explore the legendary City of the Gods, and after a few weird encounters, they find the Rune, fight a demon, and are blown out of their home dimension entirely
200-211      Party's adventures on Earth
212      Party returns to Oerth, to find that five months have passed there during their two days on Earth; training finally occurs
213      Belphanior causes chaos in the City of Greyhawk and flees to parts unknown, where he is joined by Rillen
214      Belphanior and Rillen enter the Riftcanyon region and fight off a grimlock attack; they meet Garn the ranger
215      Belphanior, Rillen, and Garn traverse the northern edge of the Riftcanyon, fighting giant scorpions and a banshee
216      Belphanior, Rillen, and Garn find the fortress Greyspire, and catch a glimpse of its occupants
217      Belphanior, Rillen, and Garn enter the domain of the Rovers of the Barrens, and eventually arrive at a small, strange village
218      Belphanior, Rillen, and Garn encounter some weird fog and the murderous, mysterious denizens within (special Halloween story)
219      An interlude of sorts, as a young lad in the town of Targ recounts the events of episode #78, in his own words
220      Belphanior, Rillen, and Otto enter a small town and beat up on some bandits, only to then be informed that fifty more are coming to town sometime soon
221      Battle with the bandits; Otto proves himself in combat
222      Journey to the temple of K'ai-L'un Hing to gain Rillen admission to this year's great fighting tournament
223      Rillen succeeds in the three trials of the monks and is given directions and a token of admission
224      The journey to the island of Lao Khan
225      The great tournament takes place; Belphanior discovers a nasty secret while Rillen fights
226      Ged decides to return to the Suss Forest and explore the Lost City of the Sueloise further; he persuades Mongo to accompany him
227      Ged, Mongo, et al rediscover the Lost City
228      Initial explorations/excavations begin
229      Further explorations, all pertaining to "known" areas, occur
230      More re-explorations; Nenya arrives to join the group
231      The miners unearth some new areas; fire trolls are encountered
232      The fire trolls, as well as a salt golem, are fought; a huge chest is unearthed
233      A secret tunnel to the surface is discovered; the treasure chest is finally opened; the miners uncover a hole leading down to the juggernaut room; the party descends
234      The juggernaut is fought, and eventually beaten; a hall full of ancient relics and artworks is discovered
235      The party deals with a humanoid attack and rainfall; they find that there are no more dungeons nearby; eventually, Ged decides to pack up and return to Greyhawk
236      En route to Greyhawk, the caravan is attacked by a possessed guard which is actually a Suel lich; this creature almost destroys the party
237      Ged, Mongo, et al divide up the Suel treasures
238      Alindyar and Lyra begin work on new spells, items, etc.
239      The drow return to Greyhawk, for research purposes
240      After creating a golem, they return to their extraplanar lair, only to find it ransacked and destroying itself; they are forced to flee
241      While using magic to figure out what happened, the drow are attacked by a devil, which sends Lyra elsewhere; Alindyar and the fiend carry the fight to the streets of Greyhawk, where Alindyar is assisted by the archmagi Rary and Bigby
242      Alindyar, Rary, and Bigby journey to a subterranean cave to find Lyra
243      The adventure over, Alindyar and Lyra hang around in Greyhawk, doing research and creating and modifying magical items; Peldor makes a guest appearance
244      Peldor adds sections onto the Green Dragon Inn
245      Peldor deals with the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
246      After learning the ropes of the Thieves' Guild, Peldor joins Bosco to explore the sewers of Greyhawk, where Bosco's friend vanished
247      Peldor and Bosco fight an otyugh, talk with a suspicious sewer worker, do some exploring, fight some ghouls, and find a body
248      Joined by Belphanior, Peldor and Bosco enter the deep sewers, where they find something sinister afoot
249      The trio of thieves search for Angus, and later discuss and deal with a number of loose ends
250      The party, with a little help, deals with a fallen star near the city of Greyhawk
251      Belphanior has another run-in with the Greyhawk law, and again leaves town, after killing several people
252      a strange out-of-context story featuring one of the "lost" adventurers
253      Ged seeks to expand his lands, and finds some unusual squatters
254      Peldor plays host while various party members decide to leave Greyhawk for awhile
255      Peldor has, well, a typical Peldor day
256      In search of new armor, Mongo et al head out in search of Thunderdelve Mountain
257      Mongo et al meet Spikey, Sparkey, and eventually, Yod Ironbeard himself; after some discussion, they convince him to help them
258      Preparations begin for the descent into the orc-infested mines
259      The group begins their explorations, and Bosco does a fine job of scouting ahead
260      They fight some orcs, and some umber hulks; Yod tells the story of Grimthaard and his father, Gerzog; the group finds a massed concentration of orcs, but gets cut off by a rockslide
261      Battle supreme, with the orcish host
262      They chase the fleeing Grimthaard into the Eighth Deep, overcoming traps and ambushes
263      Breaking through the great stone doors, the group finally comes face- to-face with Grimthaard and defeats him, winning Mongo the magical Coat of Arnd; everybody returns to the upper levels for rest and healing
264      Yod decides to explore more of the lower Deeps; the group finds a secret entrance/exit to Thunderdelve, as well as Grimthaard's hidden treasure - and a map to the Ninth Deep! This level is soon entered, and the Bottomless Stair is navigated
265      The party continues to explore the Ninth Deep, finding rare and wondrous dwarven constructions; they encounter a pair of monstrous jellies, a xorn, and a pack of spiders; Yod is poisoned by the mother spider, forcing the group to return to the safe levels above
266      Against all odds, Yod survives the poison, and leads the group back down after a two-day rest; they encounter "rappers", a dwarven swivel-bridge, an underground river, a dwarven stair-ramp, veins of pure gold, platinum, and mithril...and finally, the foot-high steps leading down to the mythical "Tenth Deep"
267      Mongo, Yod, and the others finish their business in Thunderdelve
268      rest and recovery
269-274      Belphanior and Otto wander the lands, pursued by Torin the Crusader and his war party, who are bent on their extermination; Belphanior and Otto find, explore, and loot the cairn they sought, and then face Torin and his companions in a deadly showdown
275      Rillen returns to the monastery he grew up in, and finds a terrible scene of carnage
276      Arnold must deal with a possible werewolf problem in Ged's lands
277-280      Belphanior and Otto must outwit and defeat the forces of the ruler of Helgate, Dagron Larthos
281      Rillen arrives at the mountain where the answer to his revenge may lie
282      Rillen begins his ascent of the Dark mountain
283      Rillen finds a strange encampment at the top of the mountain, and has his revenge
284      Peldor decides to take a vacation, and along with Tanya, Alindyar, and Lyra, sets out for Dyvers
285      The foursome arrives in Dyvers and sees the sights - and Peldor sees a treasure he must have
286      Peldor and Tanya go after the jewelled crown
287      Bosco and co. arrive in a small town, and the halfling wins a card tournament
288      Peldor, Tanya, and the drow wrap up their business in Dyvers, then head back to Greyhawk
289      Belphanior assumes power in Helgate
290      Candice is introduced; Belphanior philosophizes to himself
291      Belphanior and Otto help some miners trapped in a cave-in
292      Belphanior meets Jamaine the cobbler; Otto has a heart-to-heart talk with Claudia the waitress; Candice talks with a friend
293      Peldor's new master chef shows up in Greyhawk, and demonstrates his ample skills, as well as his ferrets
294      While Belphanior is away, Torin comes to Helgate; he and his new companions defeat Otto
295      Belphanior comes home, and a pitched battle ensues
296      A reunion of sorts, as most of the adventurers converge in Greyhawk
297-299      Ged goes about his pilgrimage in distant lands, searching for penance
300      Alindyar throws a big surprise party for Lyra's one-hundredth birthday
301-302      Otto, on his own in Helgate, must deal with a slasher who stalks the streets by night
303      Ged reorganizes things, given the results of his re-enlightenment
304      Belphanior and Peldor chat about various subjects; Angus is reclaimed
305      Alindyar and Lyra field-test some new spells they have invented
306      Bosco and Rillen rescue a street urchin and take her in
307      Mongo and Gorin are attacked in the wilderness; Gorin is slain
308      Mongo brings Gorin to Ged, but the latter isn't able to bring him back to life as easily as Mongo would have it; a major argument results
309      Belphanior and Otto test all the items gained from the Earth adventure the party had years ago
310      Mongo manages to get Gorin brought back to life
311-317      In ones and twos, the adventurers are captured by the forces of evil
318      The prisoners discuss their situation in a cell
319      Those who remain - Bosco, Gorin, Tanya, and Nenya - must come up with a plan to save their comrades
320      The second string of adventurers is joined by various allies, including Drawmij, Yod Ironbeard, and Otto
321      The group arrives at the undersea castle of Drawmij, and rests there while preparing for their quest
322      Drawmij's magical boat takes the group beneath the Azure Sea, and they eventually arrive at the lost island
323      The main party, prisoners in the dungeons of the evil ones, learn the true identities of their captors
324      The second group traverses the island, fighting their way to the mountain fortress that holds their friends
325      Battle royale, as everyone - good guys, bad guys, and unexpected visitors - meets and fights amidst the dungeons
326      Fade in to 6 months later, as Belphanior and Otto go about their business in Helgate; a new deposit of gold is discovered
327      Belphanior and Otto discuss the gold rush and its implications for Helgate and for them; some details of the dark castle are revealed, as is a town description for Helgate
328      Otto, newly appointed town marshal, confronts and almost fights a pair of troublemakers who belong to a bandit gang
329      We get a peek into the thoughts of both Belphanior and Blackrazor
330      Belphanior kills two bandits, has a drink in the Sword & Cup, and then watches as more than a dozen angry bandits stroll into the tavern and start pushing people around
331      A pitched, bloody fight ensues, and Belphanior is aided by a mysterious and beautiful dark-haired woman whose sword proves quite lethal
332      Peldor talks with Org, then with Tanya, then with Bosco and his newly-acquired ferrets
333      Alindyar, Peldor, and Tanya learn one of Lyra's dark secrets
334      Alindyar teleports away and looks for someone to vent on; he finds an orcish raid in progress
335      Lyra and Tanya talk; Tanya and Peldor talk; Alindyar returns
336      During breakfast, Alindyar receives an offer to teach at the College of Magic in Greyhawk
337      Mongo and Ged make peace; Arnold's severed tongue is healed; Nenya arrives with some surprising news
338-340      Rillen journeys to the frozen north, to seek out Songa
341      Belphanior and Victoria become involved in another bar-fight with more bandits; Otto returns to lend a hand
342      Otto introduces the new hired help, much to Belphanior's chagrin
343      Candice is found murdered, and Belphanior investigates; a friend of the slain whore accosts the elf, finally driving him over the edge as he kills her in cold blood, in front of a crowd
344      Otto and co. must try to stop Belphanior before he destroys the whole town
345      Otto and Razor Charlie head to Greyhawk to enlist the party's help to find Belphanior
346      We take a look at how everyone not in Helgate has been doing
347      Otto and the others discuss the current Belphanior problem
348      The party finds and fights Belphanior
349      Orcus' demons and undead come through a great gate, and a fearsome battle follows; the final fate of Belphanior and his evil eye is decided
350      Bosco has a humorous dream
351      Those who have recovered from the demon battle discuss it, and Belphanior's future
352      Belphanior joins the discussion; Tanya stands up for what's right; Belphanior and co. leave Greyhawk
353      Peldor uses his influence to find Alindyar a house in Greyhawk
354      Ged and Nenya chat about the adventuring life
355      Felicia reappears, as Bosco's ferrets run amok
356      Mongo, Gorin, and Bosco have a pseudo-barfight while trying to eat dinner
357      Ged is tasked by Boccob with a quest against evil
358      Peldor's engagement ring for Tanya - a surprise for that night - vanishes, and he must find it by dusk
359      Peldor etc. shrink to tiny size and venture into the world within the inn's walls, to seek the ring
360      The prized ring is finally recovered
361      Ged, Arnold, Mongo, and Gorin hit the road to find help for the upcoming quest
362      The party is bolstered by three other adventurers
363      The seven companions travel from Dyvers to the swamplands
364      Trolls attack, and the new companions get to measure their teamwork; Maure castle is reached, and they find an entrance to the dungeons and descend
365      The first level is explored
366      Various traps and weird things are encountered
367      More passages and traps, but no real monsters
368      Arley the weaver is found, but Drexel deems him evil; the party chases Arley into a huge southern arena-type place, eventually bringing an iron golem to life
369      The golem is fought, and finally defeated; the party camps and rests and heals
370      The second level is entered, and various guardians and traps are found
371      The remainder of the second level is explored, and the party has its first encounter with the evil wizard who rules the dungeon
372      The third level is broached; fish-men are fought; Mongo destroys an evil sword; a torture chamber, and a prisoner, are found
373      Showdown with the evil wizard, his apprentices, and the demon known as Kerzit
374      Back in Greyhawk, Peldor takes Tanya to dinner so he can pop the question
375      A look at Rillen and Songa, and life in the frozen north
376      A look at Helgate, featuring Belphanior and Otto
377      Otto shows Eduardo his arsenal of poisons, weapons, and other lethal goodies
378      Belphanior and Victoria have dinner; Victoria (tease that she is) flirts incessantly as Belphanior learns bits and pieces about her
379      Alindyar shows Peldor what he and Lyra have done to their new mansion
380      Deryck and Nenya's wedding
381      Peldor is tasked with an unenviable mission
382-384      Peldor, along with Mongo, Bosco, Belphanior, and Otto, has a look through the sewers; eventually, the group fights some shapeshifters; Belphanior sparks an explosion and everything collapses
385      Peldor and Otto survive, but can't find the others or their bodies; they begin searching for a way out
386      Peldor and Otto find a shapeshifter nesting ground, and hatch a plan to destroy it
387      Peldor and Otto continue searching for a way out, and find a number of strange and dangerous features of the sewers...and perhaps even the legendary giant alligator!
388      Peldor and Otto brave narrow pipes, green slime, hungry rats, and shapeshifters
389      Peldor and Otto face the shapeshifters - briefly - then deal with a pack of stirges before escaping the sewers
390      Peldor contronts Org, learns his secret - and is slain!
391      Mongo and Bosco, carrying the badly wounded Belphanior, begin to find their own way out
392      Mongo and Bosco help some deep gnomes fight a hydra, and are subsequently captured
393      Otto searches for the drow, while Tanya is stalked by the assassin Whisper
394      Otto and Whisper meet after breaking into the drows' mansion
395      Mongo and Bosco are taken into the svirfneblin city, and meet the deep gnomes' king, Grimlok
396      Mongo and Bosco discuss matters with Grimlok, and Belphanior is restored to fighting health - just in time for an underground battle with unknown foes!
397      Peldor, weaponless and itemless, must make it out of the sewers or die
398      Alindyar and Lyra react to the presence of Otto and Whisper in their home
399      Mongo, Bosco, and Belphanior assist the svirfneblin, as only they can
400      Everybody and everything comes together, as the false Org is finally exposed
401      The Adventurers are subjected to a hearing, as Greyhawk's rulers try to piece together what happened
402      The funeral of Org Nenshen
403-404      The First Annual EGG Awards (for readers' favorites in various categories)
405      Peldor and Tanya announce a wedding date, and its rationale
406      Belphanior and Otto must clean up the mess in Helgate
407-417      Inspired by rumors and hearsay, an adventuring band known as the Company of Nine, seeks to invade the castle of Belphanior to depose the "evil warlock"
418      The surviving party members face off against Belphanior, Victoria, Otto, and Razor Charlie; Victoria's true nature is revealed
419      Belphanior and Victoria have a much-needed discussion
420      Ged tries to plan his role in the upcoming wedding, but must deal with a number of distractions
421-423      Rillen and Songa, traveling southward to attend Peldor's wedding, meet the barbarian Tarl and have a little side adventure
424      Peldor's bachelor party occurs, in Greyhawk
425      Peldor and Tanya are wed, and Peldor receives an unpleasant surprise