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         INDEX TO EPIC III    (episodes 426 - 600)

426      Peldor and Tanya decide to leave Greyhawk for a while, and put Bosco in charge of the inn
427      Peldor and Tanya journey to Dyvers, and tally the loot from their wedding
428      Peldor and Tanya plan their route
429      Peldor and Tanya have a run-in with some bandits, but Peldor manages to talk his was out of the situation, and they "join" the bandits
430      Peldor, Tanya, Reuben, and the bandits arrive in Hardby - and waste no time getting into trouble
431-435      Belphanior and crew must deal with yet more brigands - and one of the crew dies
436-440      Mongo and Gorin accompany Peyote and Halbarad into the Vesve, and get caught up in a Druidic quest
441-445      Peldor and Tanya encounter the Despotrix of Hardby, and are shanghaid into a quest for her
446-450      Belphanior and Otto go forth to seek a new cadre of elite troops, to keep order in Helgate now that all the town guardsmen have quit or are dead
451-455      Mongo, Gorin, Peyote, and Halbarad find and explore the evil tomb - but an unnamed bad guy gets away with some unknown prize
456-464      Peldor and Tanya settle their business in Zeif, as Peldor finds himself roaming the Sultan's palace in search of the ruby
465-466      Alindyar and Lyra are witness to Bosco's six brothers, as the merry band arrives in Greyhawk and heads for the Green Dragon
467-469      Ged returns to his homeland, in the Spindrift Isles, to join his siblings as their father lies on his deathbed
470-475      Belphanior and company explore some mysterious deaths in the mines of Helgate, find the wispy thing (!), and eventually encounter a horror beyond imagining
476      Rary calls upon Alindyar to help assemble the others, to undertake a new quest
477      The regrouped party hears the spiel of Rary, and learns of their destination: The Isle of the Ape
478      Preparations are made, on the eve of the great journey
479      Tenser transports the party to the extradimensional town of Nexus, from which they continue on to the dreaded isle
480      The party, minus Tenser, crashes on the island
481      As the adventurers get their bearings, they are attacked by flying dinosaurs
482      The party travels across the grasslands, and spots a primitive village
483      Back in Helgate, the town guards swap scary stories on a dark and stormy night
484-485      After a savage ambush and a great battle, the adventurers stand triumphant, if weakened
486      They venture through the natives' great stone wall and into the jungle beyond
487      More marching; camp is made; a midnight attack
488      Tyrannosaurus attack! Mongo is eaten, and the terrible lizard flees into the night
489      The others spend the better part of a grueling day tracking the dinosaur, and eventually find it...minus Mongo, but plus a lot of native tracks
490      Mongo's rendition of the above events
491      Mongo defeats a giant ape (but not THE giant ape) and is rejoined by the party, as they find him in a native village
492      The adventurers interact with the villagers, Belphanior receives an odd gift, and a plan of action is devised
493      The party is ambushed by a pack of small, swift, and deadly dinosaurs
494      The battle concludes, but Alindyar is critically wounded; camp must be made
495      Much traveling, as the adventurers edge ever-closer to the domain of the great ape
496      Oonga's lair is discovered and explored
497      Oonga comes home, and a great battle follows; the mysterious traveler Ashe is found; dimensional portals beckon
498      The party makes a fateful decision; Ashe demonstrates his true power; the party ends up in the Abyss
499      The party marches across the Abyssal plains of Orcus' layer, in search of the demon-lord's castle
500      The Road of the Damned is taken, to the palace of Orcus; the demon-lord is confronted, and battle breaks out; the party must bargain for their lives, but the cost will surely be terrible
501      Ged's funeral, featuring family, friends, and assorted guest-stars who have come to mourn the fallen elf
502      The Green Dragon has been reduced to a large heap of ashes, and the Greyhawk authorities want to know what happened. And just what is Peldor looking for among the ashes?
503      Ged's last will & testament is executed by special guest-star Ravel Disander; meanwhile, Arnold makes a fateful decision
504      Everyone is ready to split up and leave Greyhawk, but there's one more thing to do first: the treasure from the Isle of the Ape has to be sorted and divided
505      Alindyar and Lyra find that they're the only Adventurers still in Greyhawk...and the Circle of Eight is ready to grill them about their participation in the Abyss incident and the loss of Orcus' wand...
506      Cynder's gone, right? Right! What better time to find and loot his lair? Led by Bosco (heh) a select few venture northward to accomplish that very feat!
507      On the way to Cynder's lair in the Griff Mountains, the weary gang stops for the night in the Almorean city of Innspa, but as usual, trouble finds them
508      Our heroes are the center of a no-holds-barred brawl as the city guards, the tavern owner, and various customers all join in
509      The adventurers capture a jermaline and persuade it to show them where Cynder's lair is. After that, planning the attack is a simple matter...
510      Cynder's lair gives up its secrets (and its treasure!) when the Adventurers come a-calling
511      On a different course than the first bunch, the Mongo/Gorin and Rillen/Songa teams (plus Arnold) set out for northern climes. First, however, they must sail across the Nyr Dyv. This perilous voyage isn't made easier by Mongo's weakness when not on solid land...not to mention the gigantic squid that surfaces for a midday snack!
512      The battle with the giant squid is a win-or-perish kind of deal, as the thing tries to crack the ship like an egg. If the crew (and the Adventurers) survive, they will land on the southern coast of Urnst and continue northward
513      On their own now, Mongo and Gorin make the perilous venture along the Riftcanyon's edge, as they close in on Greyspire and a military life
514      Rillen, Songa, and Arnold make the long, hard trek back to the barbarian northlands - and learn of a menace that threatens their village
515      Rillen, Songa, and Arnold go forth to find and defeat the source of the village's woes...but get more than they bargained for
516      All secrets are revealed, and one of them causes Rillen and Songa to leave the little barbarian village and seek their own dwelling place. Arnold splits from them, preferring to pursue his own aims...
517      Belphanior and Otto return to Helgate and must deal with issues that have arisen in their absence. This time, though, they have guests: Peldor, Tanya, and Bosco, fresh from the Cynder excursion and ready to collect Felicia
518      After Peldor and co. leave, the Helgate fun continues, as Belphanior finally allows a temple to be erected in the town...but why does the furtive priestess Aja also have her eye on the town cemetery?
519      Helgate cowers in fear as strange creatures roam the outlying peaks. Fortunately, Belphanior and company are ready, willing, and able to deal with the situation
520      Belphanior, Otto, and the others explore the vile lair of the infestation, kicking ass and taking names
521      The debacle with the regenerating ghouls is over, but Belphanior is intent on finding out the whos and whys. Leaving behind those marshals wounded in the battle, he heads to the wilderness of Blackmoor to find the truth
522      Belphanior and crew enter the tomb, fight some monsters, and defy some traps. The worst, however, is yet to come
523      After a hellish battle with the tomb's most powerful denizens, Belphanior and the others learn the truth behind everything - the ghouls outside Helgate, the tomb itself, and the motivations of the undead
524      While Belphanior and the others are away, a skeleton crew of guards defends Helgate. Perfect time for an attack, eh? Only one thing stands between the foes and their victory: Razor Charlie
525      Belphanior has a choice to make, and only a week to make it. Undeterred, he researches the topic at hand, in the best magical and sagely center of information around: Greyhawk. However, he must be careful not to show his face in public...and even if he finds the answers he seeks, his quest is just beginning. At 144K in length, this is the biggest Adventurers story ever written. Put another way, it's like reading 14 regular episodes! No matter how you look at it, it's a monster. Speaking of monsters, this episode will feature the return of one of the most-requested supporting characters the Adventurers have ever encountered
526      Before he can begin construction on the new, improved Green Dragon Inn, Peldor realizes that he must deal with certain hostile elements in Greyhawk...before they deal with him
527      Peldor puts his daring and dangerous plan into action; disguised as the foreign thief Corvis, he gets himself an audience with the Guildmaster, Sharyn Messandier. But did she bring him there to recruit him...or to kill him?
528      Given an opportunity to prove his worth - and his loyalty - Corvis must watch his back at every turn, lest he find a knife pointed at it
529      Now safely (?) folded into Sharyn's organization, Corvis proceeds with his own agenda - but will he succeed, or is he doomed to fail?
530      The fruits of certain labors are finally enjoyed: the new Green Dragon Inn has its grand opening!
531      Alindyar & Lyra's unfinished business: spell-sharing, new spell tweaking, house-protecting, college-lecturing, Circle of Eight-cozying. It all happens now
532      Mongo and Gorin acclimate to Greyspire and the military life
533      In Greyspire, Mongo and Gorin finally learn where they'll fit in; Mongo has a close encounter of the bad kind
534      Mongo must forget his problems, as his unit mobilizes and prepares to move out, to fight in a campaign!
535      The dwarven force marches, spending awhile on the road before arriving at the hills they must cleanse of goblins
536      Battle in the warrens! Will Mongo and Gorin prove their worth - or are they just mediocre soldiers?
537      In the middle of nowhere, Rillen and Songa begin to lay down plans...but what is it they're planning? And how does it fit in with the next fighting tournament?
538      It's New Year's Eve in Greyhawk, but Peldor has a lot on his mind, the least of which is a sudden barfight at the new Green Dragon Inn
539      Greyhawk's inhabitants ring in the new year! Fireworks! Celebration! An omen!
540      It's also New Year's in Helgate, though the people aren't as happy about it as Greyhawk's populace. Anyway, a lot is going on: an update to the mining situation, Otto and Victoria hash out some issues, Ys has an unusual problem, some new Helgate residents are introduced, and Belphanior announces the next great quest!
541      Belphanior goes to Greyhawk to see if anybody wants to accompany him on his quest. Who will go? Who won't? The party is formed, then prepares to depart
542      Belphanior and companions arrive in the Land of Black Ice, and receive a chilly reception
543      The trek to the City of the Gods continues, but local denizens mean to make a meal of our heroes!
544      The adventurers reach the high metal walls of their destination, and enter, exploring for a bit before heading to the central tower. Meanwhile, a group of rather unpleasant individuals closes in on Helgate
545      After some re-discovering of what was found in the past, the intrepid explorers head into previously-unseen areas of the city's central tower. They also have their first battle since entering the City
546      The adventurers find various odd things, including arcane machinery, some of which still works. Elsewhere, the "dirty dozen" arrive in Helgate and lay down plans for Belphanior's demise
547      Finding the City of the Gods' control chamber, the adventurers set into motion some dire events...and release a fell guardian that may destroy them all!
548      In Helgate, Belphanior's marshals are fought and defeated by the hostile visitors, who then take over and prepare a nice little trap for Belphanior
549      Conclusion of the City of the Gods saga, as the adventurers fight for their lives, and then must escape the City before it's too late
550      Belphanior and crew return to Helgate, only to find it firmly in the grasp of the outsiders. The chaotic elf, his marshals, and his friends find that they must fight or die...and for one, death is the only way out...
551      Nenya and Deryck haven't been idle while everyone else has been busy. Here, we take a look at what they've been up to, and their plans for the future
552      With the help of some friends, Nenya makes her pitch to Greyhawk's powers-that-be
553      Nenya's project gets underway, Deryck does some deep thinking, and we learn of yet another of Ged's secret legacies
554      Alindyar begins work on his new pet project; he and Lyra discuss the City of the Gods adventure with Peldor and Tanya; some big news is dropped
555      Greyspire. Mongo has been chosen to lead a dwarven force, but not out to a battle. Rather, he is to head up an expedition INTO Greyspire's hostile unknown depths
556      Mongo's party runs into a little bit of trouble
557      Mongo's party runs into a LOT of trouble!
558      Rillen and Songa have some major developments...and their first visitors since they moved to the remote reaches of the barbarian lands
559      Rillen and Songa deal with problems that came up last time, and then meet a very dangerous neighbor
560      Rillen and Songa learn a little about their new neighbor
561      Rillen and Songa discuss recent events and the future
562      Bosco hatches his latest plan
563      Bosco and company head where the action is
564      Pre-action action for Bosco and crew, as they meet everyone else
565      The competition finally begins, and it's battle royale for Bosco, as the others watch!
566      A nasty matter from the past resurfaces, and for one of our heroes it's bad news of the worst kind
567      En route to their doom, the victim and those along for the ride are attacked by ANOTHER blast from the past! Can two bad things make a good thing? Don't bet on it...
568      It's a full-fledged fight for survival, as the enemy from the past threatens to overshadow the current plight
569      What happened to Mongo, who we last saw falling into a bottomless pit?
570      Mongo emerges from the depths of Greyspire...and he isn't happy...
571      At last! Complete ramifications of the big battle in Helgate in 550! Items...healing...speaking with the dead...and revenge...
572      Belphanior takes the offensive. His mission: find and destroy Omak, in the Holds of the Sea Princes
573      The team successfully infiltrates into enemy territory
574      Sea-borne chase and battle, and then a rather dismal end to the action
575      Marooned!
576      The mixed party finds a strange tomb, and then fighting breaks out
577      Belphanior and company enter the tomb to save Aja, while Omak finally makes his move
578      Total chaos, as the 3-way battle erupts!
579      A look at Rillen and Songa
580      Mongo's back, and he's not happy
581      Greyspire...attacked!
582      Aftermath; Lord Marcus gives Mongo a no-shitter
583      A look at Peyote
584      Peyote seeks help to thwart a fearsome foe
585      A look at Alindyar and Lyra
586      Peldor goes about some grim business
587      Peyote goes to Greyhawk for a reunion of sorts
588      The return of another long-unheard-from Adventurer!
589      Helgate. New marshals. Enough said
590      Alindyar pays a visit to Helgate, and is unnerved
591      Belphanior and his gang come to Greyhawk
592      The quest (with just about everyone) is on!
593      The party - one of the biggest ever - flies through the skies toward their goal: the Vast Swamp
594      Explorations of the ruined Castle Mukos begin
595      Confrontation with the undead, and eventually, their master
596      Battle royale!
597      At last - the birth of Rillen and Songa's child
598      Surprise
599      Rillen gives it his all in the great fighting tournament
600      We close out 577 C.Y. with a look at just about everybody