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         INDEX TO EPIC I    (episodes 001 - 125)

001      Introduction; party is formed in Fax (Wild Coast); death of Cassius
002      Wilderness; wolf attack; Alindyar revealed as drow; brigands attack
003      Suss Forest is entered; spiders attack; Belphanior revealed as mage; bugbears attack; the hut is found; Krug attacks Ged and is slain
004      The dungeon; much fighting and loot; Rob drinks acid; the party is attacked by more enemies of Cassius; party arrives in Courwood; Belegard is found; the party gets its first paycheck
005      Belgar introduces himself and proposes a mission; travel ensues; the old dwarven mine is found; first assault on the mine
006      Second assault on the mine; Mongo's day of glory; the mine is won; Belgar abandons the party
007      The party digs deeper into the dungeon; PROSE FORMAT USED; the complex is cleared out; the party rests
008      Party returns to Courwood; rest, training, etc. occurs; they decide to pursue Belgar
009      Departure from Courwood; a trio of giants is fought; Belphanior informs Peldor that he is also a thief; party arrives in Aria; party talks with shopkeeper and ventures to haunted castle; several monsters are defeated
010      PROSE FORMAT USED (Belphanior's POV); the keep is entered
011      PROSE FORMAT USED (Mongo's POV); the dungeons beneath the keep are explored; a riddle, a demon, and a dragon are overcome; Halbarad dies
012      Party returns to Aria; Halbarad is revived by a priestess of Pholtus; training occurs for weeks; the party leaves Aria and heads into the Pomarj; they arrive in the town of Drek; Ged starts a barfight
013      The bar fight turns lethal; the party flees into a whorehouse; the bar goes up in flames; Mongo decks the bouncer; the party rides out of Drek in a hurry
014      The orc keep is encountered; battle ensues; ogre magi appear
015      Peyote finds out that he has a wand of wonder; Mongo finds out that he has a dwarven throwing hammer; a princess is rescued unwittingly; the party enters the city of Havenhill and returns the princess to her father; training begins
016-019      Slave Pits of the Undercity (A1)
020-027      Secret of the Slavers' Stockade (A2)
028-033      Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords (A3)
034-037      In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords (A4)
038      Rewards and honors, rest, training
039      The Baron Trevor convinces the party to rescue his daughter again; they journey through the wilderness and into the edge of the Pomarj; they try to sneak into a fortress but fail miserably
040      The party finds their way into the fortress after eliminating some defenders; ogres abound (but not for long)
041      The party mops up the rest of the ogres and finds some stairs down
042      Ettins and giant spiders are defeated; the party battles the evil mage; the party finds a dragon and almost dies; Peyote does die; the princess is rescued; much loot is taken; return to Havenhill
043      Peyote is returned to life; the treasure is divided; training; the party plans to leave Havenhill to search for an artifact
044      Peyote reads an ancient scroll to the party and they finally depart Havenhill once and for all
045      The party travels many leagues to the city of Loftwick; they go from there to the shrine; ghasts are repelled twice; at the midnight hour, a vision is revealed to certain of the party
046      They leave, head into the mountains, and fend off six giants; soon they find the entrance to the crypt; Rob reveals the power of his flute; golems are bypassed; Aranor's message is read
047      The party goes through the arch; magical runes are placed on their hands; a giant snake is fought and slain; several traps are dealt with; the party finds tombs; Belphanior learns not to bother the dead; stairs going down are found
048      The party finds more tricks and traps; they find the world's biggest gold nugget; the bronze dragons offer them a deal they can't refuse
049      Party finishes the strange challenges of Aranor's dungeon and is teleported back to Loftwick; training follows; Rob leaves the party
050      The leaving of Rob is pondered; auditions for a replacement start, with much frustration; Rillen the warrior is found and joins the party; the party rides to Fleer to see about helping them out with reported humanoid problems; Mongo kills an ogre; the party is ambushed; four of the eight almost die; the group finds the giants' lair and returns to Loftwick laden with goodies; Peldor and Halbarad train
051      Belphanior and Peldor raid an ancient tower and gain much wealth
052      The party argues, then splits for the trip to Greyhawk City
053      The "sea group" moves out, has several minor encounters, begins sailing downriver, and is beset by pirates
054      Sea group arrives in Momburg, buys a boat and a lot of slaves, heads out to sea, frees the slaves, and fends off pirates; they are attacked by a giant squid
055      Sea group fends off the squid and then some pirates; they go near the coast to effect repairs and find out where they are
056      Sea group lands on an uninhabited shore and gathers melons; the ship is repaired; they do some fishing; they find the river going inland, sell the ship, and bid the ex-slaves farewell; some orcs are routed; the Suss Forest is entered, and undead are fought; Belphanior commands the undead and finds a dungeon
057      Sea group enters an ancient dungeon, fights some undead, and torches a mummy; also a gray ooze is repelled; they prepare to move deeper into the complex
058      Sea group fights some umber hulks, then follows their tunnels into a deeper section of dungeon; they begin exploring this area and find a few items
059      Sea group continues its explorations, finding numerous undead in a crypt area; an iron golem is barely defeated; some odd rods are found; a roomful of carven gods is found, and Mongo is affected by one of them; the rods are used in a pedestal room; a nearby staircase is revealed, and the party descends; an ancient stone juggernaut attacks them, running over Mongo
060      Sea group flees the juggernaut and escapes the lost city without further incident; the city of Elredd is reached; another ship is bought, and the party sails along the Selintan River; Greyhawk is reached; rest, treasure division, and training follow
061      Land group leaves Loftwick, fights some orcs; Peyote talks with the dead and summons wild animals; the party arrives in Gryrax
062      Land group departs Gryrax, heads for Tragidore; various encounters ensue; Lyra is captured and seduced by Alindyar; finally, the town is found and the problem explained; the party prepares to venture into the woods
063      Land party leaves Tragidore and heads into the woods; Peyote's summoning pays off as two wild boars show up; the party talks with a treant, and some dryads; Peldor tries to exercise his charms, but the dryads get the last laugh; a lone girl is found, and she somehow ensorcells Peldor
064      Land party fights and defeats the lamia, despite Peldor being charmed; they find a stone building in the forest and enter it undetected; a pair of drow guards are fought
065      Land party continues its explorations of the hideaway, fighting some drow; Lyra reveals that she can speak Common after all; Peyote's summoned boars ruin the element of surprise
066      Land party defeats more drow, and descends to a lower level; two female drow leader-types are battled; a room is torched, but some spellbooks are found; the party goes down the mine shaft to a lower level, and defeats more drow and orc guards; the enslaved human men are rescued; they all return to Tragidore
067      Land party arrives in Havenhill; Peldor acquires Bosco the halfling; the others are dubious; the group leaves the city and enters the Suss Forest; Peyote's hawks alert them to an upcoming ogre ambush; the ogres and ogre magi are defeated; wolves appear thanks to Peyote; a swarm of kobolds attacks, and they are followed, leading to a green dragon, who breathes upon the party
068      Land party barely defeats the dragon, and only by chance; in any case, only Halbarad and Lyra are conscious; the party is healed and rests, though Bosco is slain; later, Bosco is brought back as a raccoon; the party reaches Dyvers and trains and divides the loot; Bosco is polymorphed back into halfling form; Greyhawk is reached; the deck of many things is used by most of the party; Bosco gets it big-time; various business is attended to
069      The party's two halves are reunited in a bar, and there is much rejoicing; new henchmen are introduced; Rob returns; Halbarad recovered an item for some noble and battles Zara the drow mage; Belphanior follows a map into Greyhawk's sewers and emerges with the sword Blackrazor; the party later finds a scroll which mentions an old dungeon
070      The party sets out for the Rushmoors, but is attacked by some bandits who seek their scroll/map; much land is traversed; the Rushmoors are reached; swamp denizens attack the party; Alindyar plays strange ESP games with the will-o-wisp; the sage Yin-Tze is found
071      Yin-Tze tells the party a story; they pay the price for his information; they travel to the Dim Forest, where a swarm of insects and bugs drives them away; other, peaceful lands are crossed; the Barrier Peaks are entered and a pyrohydra meets the party while thinking of BBQ lunch time
072      The pyrohydra is fought and defeated; the party finds and defeats Kieravaak, a red dragon, though three of them are slain; Rob raises Peyote from the dead, and then the others are healed; Halbarad and Peyote leave the party
073      Ged identifies most of the magical treasure; the party goes from the Barrier Peaks to the Yatils; the cloud giant is fought and then bargained with; he shows the party where the old devil cult fortress is; the adventurers enter the place
074      Party explores the fortress' dungeons; many interesting rooms are found; ghosts possess some of the party; Bosco acts; Arnold is aged; the party is attacked by a giant tentacled monster while circumventing a huge underground lake
075      The party escapes the monster, and defeats a devil; Ged torches two evil priests; the remaining six evil priests are found and fought; Hadeus is summoned, and a great and bloody battle ensues; Peldor is slain; the party barely triumphs; rest and healing follow; the group manages to get by the lake and leaves the fortress; the town-fort of Lud is arrived at, and training follows; Bosco's shell is no longer empty, though nobody notices
076      Bosco's possession becomes official, as he wreaks havoc in Lud, then flees toward another town
077      The party heads for the town of Targ, and arrives to find Bosco already on a murderous rampage; a mighty battle follows, and the party fends off Bosco and his charmed minions while Ged and Rob work to exorcise the demon; they are successful, the demon is driven out, and Bosco is left in the care of some nuns; the party departs Targ
078      The party finds a chimera lair in the mountain wilds, and battles the beast; a series of caves is found, and the party battles drow and spiders; the portal to the Underdark is found
079-090      The great Underdark saga
091      The party emerges from the Underdark, and encounters a house full of monsters in the wilderness; outmatched, they flee
092      The party fends off a pack of werewolves and wolves, but Belphanior is seriously injured; Ged's morningstar reveals itself as intelligent; swarms of undead assault the party just before dawn
093      The adventurers fight mobs of undead, then retreat to a nearby tower and barricade themselves inside
094      Much resting and healing occurs; the party is eventually overrun by the undead and their powerful leader; all are captured except Ged, Peldor, and Lyra, who teleport away in the nick of time
095      Ged, Peldor, and Lyra receive guidance from Boccob and then rest in the town of Ren; they depart, in search of the lair of the undead and their leader
096      The rest of the party is taunted in the vampire lord's dark dungeons
097      The rescue begins
098      The rescue continues
099      The rescue climaxes; the party is reunited in the face of a band of powerful undead gathered by the vampire lord
100      A battle supreme occurs; afterwards, the party spends a few months traveling back to Greyhawk; training is had; plans for the near-future are laid down as the party splits, temporarily
101      Mongo, Rillen, and Flint attend a fighting tournament and then visit the monastery where Rillen was trained
102      Ged and Arnold explore a ruined castle which occupies some land that Ged is interested in; they buy the land and then begin construction
103      Belphanior and Peldor embark on a fools' quest, kidnapping a princess and fleeing to the north
104      Alindyar and Lyra explore a really weird wizard's lair
105      The party reunites and finds a new quest
106      The party battles Zara the drow and her bounty hunters
107      A ship and captain are found, and the great sea voyage is undertaken; a dragon is encountered; the Amedio Jungle continent is reached
108      The jungle and its hazards are braved; cannibals are fought and most of the party gets captured
109      Ged and Belphanior rescue the others; the ship is reached and the group sails back to the mainland
110      The adventurers discuss the perils of the Sea of Dust with Kiel; he rewards them for saving his life
111      The group sets out for the Sea of Dust, in the sky balloon
112      The balloon crashes in the high, snow-covered mountains, and the adventurers are forced to proceed on foot
113      The party journeys through cold and then warm climes within the mountains, and fights some of the local monsters; the Sea of Dust is within sight
114      The party journeys across the Sea of Dust, and eventually finds the Forgotten City
115      The party enters the ruins, finds a way down, and begins to explore the dungeons beneath the city
116      The party continues exploring the ancient dungeons, as level two is found
117      The party continues exploring; the catacombs are found on level three
118      The party descends to the demon-populated level four
119      The party conquers some demons after a pair of mighty battles; Alindyar is forced to teleport everybody back to Greyhawk; three months of rest, recovery, and training follow
120-125      Greyhawk Ruins (WGR1); the adventurers leave their universe; regular series concludes