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         INDEX TO EPIC IV    (episodes 601 - 786)

601      Nenya and Deryck manage Ged's former lands to great progress and prosperity
602      Belphanior and Otto strategy session part 1: What to do next
603      Belphanior and Otto strategy session part 2: The kill list
604      Alindyar and Lyra's life stabilizes and they get much done
605      Mongo shows up in Greyhawk with the mother of all quests
606      Belphanior decides to attack three different old enemies, one after the other
607      Belphanior and Alindyar team up to tackle the mysteries of Kronos' spellbook
608      Peyote is challenged for his Druidic position
609      While preparing for the contest, Peyote gets a big surprise
610      Peyote fights the young upstart Tolvek
611      Rillen and Songa enjoy a secluded wilderness life, until a band of bugbears shows up
612      Rillen and Songa use every resource at their disposal to fight the bugbears
613      Rillen and Songa leave their home and head north to warn the barbarians
614      Halbarad tracks and fights some orcs in the woodlands northeast of the Horned Society
615      Gorin goes on a campaign in the Shield Lands, with the Greyspire troops
616      The Greyspire force battles orcs
617      Alindyar and Lyra set out to find the Lord of Illusions
618      Their trip is sidetracked as they decide to help a small town with its troll problem
619      The drow get closer to their quarry in the hills
620      They learn the sad truth about the Lord of Illusions
621      The calm before the storm
622-625      Belphanior's World Death and Destruction Tour, stop #1: Blackmoor and Baron Albert
626      Belphanior and company heal up and split treasure while heading to the next target
627      Rillen and Songa have an audience with the king of the Frost Barbarians, and receive a task
628      Along with Tarl and his war dogs, Rillen and Songa pursue the bugbears into the Griff Mountains
629      They explore a cave system which also serves as a bugbear lair
630      They battle bugbears and eventually flee using an underground river
631      They fight a gigantic white worm
632      They encounter a tribe of little underground fungus people
633      They fight a strange, evil animated plant on behalf of the fungus people
634      They resume their journey along the underground river, but encounter deadly rapids
635      Alindyar and Lyra renew their quest to find the Lord of Illusions
636      Peyote, Halbarad, and Rob (plus companions) investigate reports of orcs in the Shield Lands
637      They follow the orcs and their leaders to a site where digging commences
638      The two groups engage in battle, with mixed results
639-640      Belphanior's World Death and Destruction Tour, stop #2: a temple of Orcus in the Horned Society
641      Razor Charlie and a few others, left behind in Helgate, deal with unruly tough guys
642      Deryck and Nenya figure out how to deal with a mandate to explore the nearby Temple of Elemental Evil
643      The Misadventurers - a band of six non-Good individuals for hire - are recruited by Deryck
644-650      The Misadventurers take on the Temple
651      Belphanior and company take a break from death and destruction, and decide to pursue Mongo's quest
652      A look at recent events in the lives of Peldor and those close to him
653      Alindyar and Lyra, seeking the Lord of Illusions, find an obelisk in the wilderness
654      Alindyar and Lyra discover the secret of the obelisk; back in Greyhawk, someone invades their home
655      The Lord of Illusions if finally found
656      Belphanior, Mongo, Bosco, and company begin their quest to find the Oracle of Espyria
657      They get involved in a barroom brawl
658      Otto and the others left in Helgate deal with the vagrancy problem
659      Otto and company must handle some violent strangers at the local tavern
660      Belphanior, Mongo, Bosco, and company venture into the Hellfurnaces in search of the Oracle
661      A band of hill giants springs its ambush
662      The adventurers learn that they must overcome three challenges to get to the summit of Mt. Aeon
663      The first challenge
664      The second challenge
665      The third challenge; the Oracle of Espyria is found
666      Otto and the others left in Helgate make a disturbing discovery; meanwhile, Victoria goes to a nearby town to feed, but is ambushed by vampire hunters
667      Belphanior and company speak with the Oracle, learning about Panagaea and also bad times ahead for Belphanior
668      Otto and the others left in Helgate prepare for the imminent arrival of the vampire hunters
669      The vampire hunters arrive in Helgate - along with two different kingdoms' invading forces
670      Otto tells a force of 400 soldiers to leave town, or else
671      Everyone in Helgate - resident or invader - prepares for what's to come
672      Belphanior and those who went to find the Oracle return, and the fighting quickly commences
673-675      The all-out battle for Helgate, with several surprising twists and turns
676      Belphanior, his group, and others deal with the destruction of Helgate
677      Rillen and Songa, seeking to escape the depths of the earth, instead find a troglodyte village
678      Rillen and Songa fight many troglodytes, then escape, only to meet a far greater menace
679      Rillen and Songa escape the caverns using a most unconventional method, and appear in a surprising place
680      Rillen and Songa catch up with...Arnold?!
681      Peyote, Halbarad, and Rob (plus companions) regroup in the Vesve and figure out the orcs' plot
682      An assassin sent by the forces they pursue tries to take Peyote out of the game
683      Nenya tests out some new spells she invented
684      A night in the museum, as Nenya must fight a demon within an amulet
685      The Nenya group and the Peyote group compare notes, while Peldor has a sword analyzed
686      Nenya, Peyote, Rob, Halbarad, etc convene and deduce that the arch-lich Xusia is behind various recent events
687      After two years walking along the ocean floor, the iron dwarf emerges from the Dramidj Ocean
688      The rulers of the Fortress of the Nine are revealed as they make sinister plans
689      Alindyar learns mighty magic from the Lord of Illusions
690      The drow return to Greyhawk, only to find a nasty surprise in their home
691      Gorin trains with the forces of Greyspire, and is promoted to sergeant and given his own troops
692      Gorin meets the nineteen dwarves now under his command, and they go out on a mission
693      Alindyar, Lyra, Peldor, and others try to solve the murder
694      Nenya, Peyote, Rob, Halbarad, Alindyar, Lyra, etc set out for the crypt of Kyuss, in the Riftcanyon
695      A stop in the town of Karnaj results in problems...which Alindyar solves using his newfound magic
696      They finally reach the crypt
697      The crypt is entered, and some guardians are fought
698      After a night's rest, the exploration continues
699      Some more powerful undead opponents are encountered
700      The master of the crypt is revealed
701      Belphanior offers the surviving vampire hunters a place in the Panagaea quest, and they all head east
702      The party stops in Rauxes to do some research and magic item identification
703      Bosco's gambling draws unwanted attention
704      The group gathers supplies and makes final plans to head east
705      They set out, flying over the ocean in the skyship
706      They find the isle
707      Back in Aerdy, the Crimson Blades plot their pursuit of the party
708      The skyship is attacked and badly damaged by a roc, a gigantic bird
709      The skyship crashes into the ocean near the lost isle, and they take a smaller boat to land
710      The skyship sinks beneath the water, the party regroups on the island, and scouting is initiated
711      The party sets out, discovering the ruins of an ancient city
712-714      A civilization of snake-men is found, and battle quickly erupts
715      The sole prisoner is interrogated for information
716      The party reaches the inner portion of the city, closing in on the Tomb itself
717      The Crimson Blades voyage east across the Solnor Ocean, on the trail of the adventurers
718      Another civilization, consisting of bird-men, is found amidst the ruins of the city
719      Pursuit ceases as the party finds huge, ancient doors built into the side of the mountain
720      Exploration of the Tomb of Panagaea begins
721      A statue comes to life as a rather aggressive and dangerous three-headed dog
722      The vicious hound is finally defeated, and a path is revealed
723      As the party descends deeper into the Tomb, they find the apparent remains of past tomb-robbers
724      Traps are encountered, and monstrous allies are summoned
725      By studying carvings, the group begins to learn some of the backstory of the Panagaean empire
726      The other half of the party releases a quartet of strange, hostile golems
727      The Crimson Blades arrive at the isle and prepare to make landfall
728      After defeating the golems, the party comes upon a highly magical door
729      Two of the mighty door's three wards are beaten
730      Neera defeats the third ward, opening the way into the inner area of the Tomb
731      The party comes upon a simple-looking door that turns out to be a trap
732      After defeating the trap, the explorers finally figure out the secret of the false door
733      More traps are found, as well as some sort of ancient crypt and then a vast treasure-hall
734      More allies are summoned, and the group finds the apparent final door before the treasure
735      Elsewhere on the isle, the Crimson Blades follow in the path of the adventurers
736      The first six great treasure chambers are explored and plundered; the seventh is found to contain guardians
737-740      A dangerous, all-out battle begins...and the Crimson Blades show up amidst the chaos!
741      Nenya, Peyote, Rob, Halbarad, Alindyar etc. recover from the battle in the Riftcanyon
742      A council of war is held, and they decide to take the offensive against Xusia and his allies
743      Far to the north, Rillen and Songa are on the move again, but get attacked and taken prisoner by slavers
744      The escape begins, with some help from the little black dog
745      As Rillen and Songa break free, a landshark attacks the slaver encampment
746      They head southward, leading and protecting the former slaves, and finally arrive in Greyhawk
747      Nenya, Peyote, Rob, Halbarad, Alindyar etc. determine the location of Xusia; Nenya repairs Zephyr
748      The group heads to Greyhawk to get some help for the upcoming mission
749      After the final battle of Panagaea, Belphanior and company find themselves in an unknown place that reeks of evil, and unable to escape via magic
750      Strange, ferocious monsters are fought, and they soon learn the terrible truth about where they are
751      They are given an offer that they really can't refuse
752      The group finally returns to Oerth to recover; Peldor tells Belphanior that Nenya et al. also oppose Xusia
753      All of the treasure from the Panagaea adventure is divided
754      Belphanior and his surviving marshals discuss the Xusia situation with the drow, who now know about the Demogorgon deal
755      The Rob-led group opts not to join forces with the Belphanior-led group for the attack on Xusia's fortress; Belphanior makes a backup plan; Rob works on gathering other allies
756      The Misadventurers cross the Troll Fens
757      The Misadventurers arrive in the town of Harshaak, near the Fortress of the Nine
758      A plan is hatched, and they contact Nenya and negotiate a raise
759      Belphanior dissects the spellbooks of two enemies he defeated long ago
760      Belphanior contacts Parekh and gets most of the magical items from the tomb identified
761      Rob assembles a mighty group to take on the Fortress of the Nine, and Mongo joins at the last minute
762      Rob's force is staged, somewhere within the Griff Mountains
763      Rob's force arrives to see the huge battle already in progress at the Fortress of the Nine
764      Rob's force gets inside the fortress
765      Rob's force fights some tough guardians
766      Bolstered by recently-gained magical items, Belphanior's force prepares to travel to the fortress
767      After a very brief delay, Belphanior's force makes its way beneath the fortress and fights some drow
768      Belphanior's force tricks its way into the fortress
769      Belphanior's force uses summoned help to smash through the drow defenses, and also frees some prisoners
770      Belphanior's force continues to move through the dungeons beneath the fortress, and finds the mother of all spiders
771      Belphanior's force comes up against a force of human and dwarven warriors who have some spellcasters
772      Belphanior's force fights the formidable defenders
773      Belphanior's force continues to advance, and summons more help
774      Belphanior's force deals violently with a large force of humanoids
775      Belphanior's force battles a huge, four-armed iron golem
776      Various sub-groups of combatants participate in the battle
777      Rob's force makes its way through the fortress
778      Rob's force encounters five beholders
779      Rob's force battles the beholders, eventually smashing through the floor into Xusia's throne-room
780      Mega-battle, round 1
781      Mega-battle, round 2
782      Belphanior's force joins the fray...mega-battle, round 3
783      Mega-battle, round 4
784      Aftermath of the battle with Xusia, inside
785      Aftermath of the battle outside
786      Rest and recovery, and some exploration of the fortress is made
787      Alindyar finally deals with the elusive Rasimov D'Arkayn
788      Alindyar alters his commitments at the Grey College, talks with the Lord of Illusions, works with Lyra on protective measures for them during battles, and reviews the protective measures for their mansion in Greyhawk
789      Rillen and Songa visit Arnold and his family in Tenh
790      Belphanior meets with the Circle of Eight regarding his involvement in the battle at the fortress of the Nine, and has no luck locating Xusia's actual lair, and then has Parekh locate Victoria
791      Belphanior talks with the group and decides not to pursue Victoria; each of his people ponders their next move
792      Gorin recovers from the great battle, and ponders issues in and around Greyspire
793      Halbarad deals with his new anti-magic nature by hunting and killing orcs in the wilds north of Ratik
794      Mongo works off some steam by killing giants, and ponders his options
795      Nenya is successfully resurrected; she and Deryck make a major life change
796      Peldor and Tanya ponder the future of the Green Dragon Inn, and the ability of Bosco to take on added responsibility
797      Peyote and Daffodil are approached by the Grand Druid with an offer of a great voyage of exploration
798      While passing through the Theocracy of the Pale, Rillen and Songa dominate a barfight
799      Rob begins work on building the ultimate temple of Trithereon
800      All surviving adventurers gather at the Green Dragon Inn, in Greyhawk, to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the initial group's first meeting