Friday 4 Jan 2013

Just a quick note to say that episode 990 is actually in progress. I've written several sizable pieces of it, I just need to write the remaining pieces and the connecting material. The thing is, there's so much going on and this is such a big story arc, so I'm trying to make everything just right. Of course, given the complexity, there's no way in hell that everything will be just right, but if I can get most of it mostly right, it will turn out okay. Also bear in mind that the arc will consist of multiple episodes and since I won't finish them all before the first one is released, I have to be real careful not to write myself into a corner . . . since anything I publish becomes canon once you read it. So extra care must be taken.

As always, life's been busy. The two recent holiday breaks seemed to go by so fast, I barely had time to relax.

I just — in the last 24 hours as I sit here typing this — discovered the television series "Justified." While it hasn't turned out to be the pure anti-hero fun I thought it would be, it is actually a good drama with a lead character who has anti-hero elements and reminds me a lot of Belphanior. Which is never a bad thing.

Plug #2: go see "Bad Ass" with Danny Trejo. Trejo, if you didn't know it, is the inspiration for the Razor Charlie character in my stories, based on the knife-throwing character in 1994's "Desperado." Anyway, in "Bad Ass" Trejo kicks more than twenty peoples' asses, and it made me go back and watch "Desperado" again. Which made me realize "hey, I actually have the opportunity to use this character in every story I write!" I know his antics don't always hold up well next to things like Xusia's hideouts and world-shaking artifacts, but I think my stories overall have had plenty of good moments with the character, and I'll try to have some more soon.

Enough rambling for now.