Rage Against the Rich

Friday 19 Jan 2007

The other night, while headed into the grocery store, I was forced to stop and wait just outside the entrance. There was a 40-something, well-to-do, snotty-looking, fur-wearing, obviously upper-class woman with a shopping cart turned somewhat sideways, thereby blocking the entire entrance; about five other people besides me were standing there waiting for her to move. Was she extremely elderly? No. Was she handicapped? No. Was she dealing with multiple small children? No. Instead, the reason for her just standing there, in everyone's way: she was having a cell phone conversation.

I have matured a lot over the years, but sometimes I revert to the old ways. This was one of those times. After waiting for about ten seconds, I exclaimed "to hell with this" and walked up to her cart and simply pushed it out of the way. She looked at me like I was a criminal. I gestured to the other people who were backed up outside the entrance and then looked this woman in the eye and quietly said, just to her, "you need to move out of the way, you stupid bitch."

Epilogue: when driving away later, I saw her packing her groceries into the trunk...of a shiny brand-new $80,000 Mercedes.

My afterthought #1: Does this woman actually accomplish something in life, or is she simply attached to some rich guy who pampers her and lets her have her way? I wonder this because I don't see how anyone so blatantly stupid and inconsiderate could possibly be wealthy on their own merits.

My afterthought #2: For better or for worse, we've come a long way from the days when every member of the tribe had to actually contribute something, or else get kicked out of the cave.