Oops, She Did It Again

Friday 10 Nov 2006

Yep, that's right: Britney Spears realized, at 24 years of age, that the guy she picked to marry and have babies with (when she was 22) wasn't right for her. Irreconcilable differences. I don't follow celebrity news, or celebrities, and I really didn't even read up on this event, but I can tell you that I only had to look at the guy once (two years ago) to know that he was a scumbag. It was evident in his walk, talk, and mannerisms. I think that Britney just echoes the usual problem with young, less-than-average-intelligence people: they make quick decisions which are also the wrong decisions. And now, America has yet another divided household. On the bright side, if even one young woman sees what Britney did and learns by her example (thereby avoiding the same fate) then Britney served her purpose in this world.