Faux Hip Cool

Friday 22 Sep 2006

There's this one place where I often eat lunch on weekdays. At this place, there's this one guy who goes there pretty much every day. He's a student from another country who's into all the current fashion fads. Weird colored sneakers, check. Headphones and iPod, check. Cell phone on belt, check. Oversized plastic sunglasses always mounted on head, check. Book bag with plenty of rips and graffiti, check. Pants hanging down a foot too low, check.

Here's a new one: seen (and covertly made fun of by all the female restaurant staff and customers who saw it) the other day: underwear exposed by pants being too low, while this guy was sitting and eating, completely oblivious to his own state...check.

There are few things as entertaining as someone who's trying to be cool, but just isn't.