It's Magic

Friday 30 Jun 2006

Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend's knack for coming up with great surprises, I recently had the opportunity to see a magic show, live. It wasn't just any seat - it was the front row. And it wasn't just any magic show, it was David Copperfield. Let me tell you, although I know that the man didn't actually make a car appear ten feet before my eyes, or move ten audience members to the back of the theater, or any of the other sure looked real, and it was very entertaining. Bear in mind that I'm the sort of person who keeps an eye out for wires, hidden trapdoors, and that sort of thing. I didn't see any evidence. In short, if you ever have the chance to see something like this, go for it. I'm glad I got to. It was one of the greatest things I've ever witnessed in person.