Bad People in Worse Times

Friday 26 May 2006

This just pisses me off:

          (click here if the CNN link fails)

I don't need CNN to explain what happened here (and from personal experience, I can tell you that they don't know anything more than what you and I know.) Basically, the hurricane hit, the city went crazy, some lawless people went on a rampage, and an innocent person got killed by the police, who were just trying to do their job in an exceptionally difficult time. The fault could be distributed between all parties, but in my Belphanior-esque opinion, the majority of the fault should lie with the people who were running amok, looting and raping and pillaging. In a Belphanior world, those would be executed (and might have already been executed for other crimes and intentions) a long time before they had the chance to use a disaster for their personal gain.

On an interesting side note, I can no longer find this story linked from's main or U.S. pages. They may have retracted it for some reason.