The End Is Coming

Friday 19 May 2006

I've recently realized that there are readers out there who don't really understand that I will stop writing the Adventurers at episode 1000. Believe me, it's true. I may write something else later (after a significant break) but I am reaching the point where I feel that I've told all the tales I want to tell about these characters.

One problem with me is that I don't do anything half-ass. If I was to keep writing, I couldn't just release episodes when I felt like it - I have to be on a schedule. I couldn't just commit to 10 more or 25 more or 50 more episodes, either - I'm either writing regularly or I'm not. The truth is, I'm tired and I need to stop, and the number 1000 is the best time I can think of to end this thing.

Side note: no, I don't want anyone else to write more episodes to "fill the void" so please don't ask.