Preview Time!

Friday 10 February 2006

There were a couple of recent news events that riled me up and that I was thinking of using for this week's rant, but I finally decided not to do that. Instead, I'll outline the next couple of story arcs and their rough schedules.

The current arc is, of course, the Sea Princes one. It started, really, in 903 and is now in 906, which got released today. It will end in 910 which comes out on 10 March 2006.

Following that, we'll return to the lost continent for a while. When we last saw those people, they had just shipwrecked on one shore of an undiscovered land, about which they (and we) know nothing. There are about seven good, distinct possibilities for a plotline here, and I've spent the better part of the winter thinking them over. Here's the good news: I finally chose one. You'll see it in episodes 911 through 917 which will cover things through April.

In May, episode 918 will feature some of the aftermath of the Sea Princes arc. As I think about it, most of the stories remaining to be told before episode 1000 are Belphanior stories; there's just too much good stuff revolving around him.

More to come soon.