How To Keep Stupid People Busy

Friday 6 January 2006

One local radio station DJ here specializes in celebrity gossip and reality TV shows, to the point where I change the channel every time she starts talking. She's so bad that her daily ritual includes on-air recaps of all recent celebrity news, relationships, "dirt", etc. It also sounds like every single evening for her includes several hours of TV that must be watched (not Tivo-ed, as that would not allow her to spearhead the next day's gossip and discussion...she has to be completely current.)

Anyway, the other day a story apparently emerged in which several reality-TV-show crew members basically came out anonymously and admitted that they often do things to influence the behavior of contestants and change the course of the show's events. In other words, they admitted that the shows are rigged.

The radio DJ chick was in shock - serious shock. She was having a hard time coping with the possibility that all of her favorite reality-TV shows might not be "real."