Dumb TV

Friday 28 October 2005

Sometimes when I work out, I'm forced to look at TV shows. One such show caught my eye and reminded me why I don't get cable TV. It's called "Made" and it seems to be about young people who want to excel at some sport or athletic hobby but need a little help. The particular episode I had to watch detailed some skinny young girl who badly wanted to be a cheerleader. Her problem was that she looked miserable at all times and didn't have any drive from within to succeed at this; every hurdle she overcame was due to the help of her coach and other girls.

My point here: in the old days (say 20 years ago) people succeeded or failed on their own merits or weaknesses. Now, everything's handed to them because our politically-correct society coddles the weak and hopeless to the point where even a moron can succeed at something.