Human Scavengers

Friday 22 July 2005

I'm disturbed and I'm not sure exactly why, so I want to share this situation for posterity.

To put it bluntly, I live in one of the nicest apartment complexes in this city. Its reputation is top-of-the-line, its rent is the highest, its amenities are many and useful. I've been here for almost three years, and I'm sorry to say that in recent months, the scumbags have begun to move into the complex. When I say "scumbags" I mean the sort of people who make noise, yell in the parking lot, leave trash lying in the breezeway, and so on. I'm not quite sure why they've begun infesting my suburb in such numbers, though I've been advised that it may be because the leasing office is forced to lower its standards because the normal market of renters is now buying houses.

Anyway. In almost three years here, I've never seen an eviction, until today. I'm not sure who was evicted (I ignore my neighbors and they ignore me) but it was definitely from my building. Someone's worldly possessions were occupying the two closest parking spaces, as I saw when I got home today. Over the next couple of hours, I could see from my windows that almost everyone who drove or walked by stopped to ponder the pile of bedding, boxes, trash bags, clothes, and personal effects in the parking lot.

The kicker was when two girls, both young and professional-looking, driving a nice new luxury sedan, stopped their car at the pile. They got out, discussed the nature of evictions for a brief time (I could hear them through my open window) and then began loading the bags and boxes into their car! They managed to get almost everything, except the bedding, and then they sorted through what was left, cramming selected items into their already-full car.

In case you're wondering, no, they were not the evictees. Their conversation convinced me of this.

I've never witnessed human scavengers like this before. It amazes me that young professionals with money would still do something like this. I suppose I've made some assumptions that may not be true, and I realize that I don't know all the facts here...but still, it's strange.

I need to move.