How To Conquer Disney World

Friday 20 May 2005

My recent vacation involved Orlando and some of the theme parks know the ones, with the two-hour lines in the blistering summer heat and sweltering humidity, with countless children screaming and complaining and suffering, which in turn enhances the suffering of the adults.

Let me tell you of a different experience, one where two different parks were fully enjoyed in less than six hours each...with no wait in line longer than ten minutes, and the average wait under five. A dream? No. All we did was go before the big tourist season began. We also got there promptly at opening time and went to one of the parks on a weekday.

I realize that this won't work for everybody, but if you can swing it - especially with kids involved - I highly recommend it. The locals (mostly servers at restaurants) told us repeatedly that the big rush would come in a week or two, and that they also planned their park trips for the time before that big rush.

I'll never again go to such places after May or before October. The euphoria of breezing through empty aisles and not having to wait is one that will not soon fade.