I Switched

Friday 8 Apr 2005

If you've been reading between the lines over the last few years, you've realized that I've slowly been shifting my computing preferences from PCs to Macs. It began at CNN, when I had to use both on a daily basis, and shuffle my workload depending on which computer and OS was better for which tasks. When OSX was released, I decided that it was simply a better operating system for me and what I do.

I'm a sucker for Apple's innovations, which they always seem to be the first to come up with: widescreen laptops, slot-loading CD/DVD drives, all-in-one optical drives, portable music players and the software to power them, sleek metal laptops. I realize that any sort of laptop would suffice for my writing, but I long ago went with Apple (and more recently, upgraded to a 15" aluminum Powerbook) and I'm quite happy.

And now I've pulled it off at work, too. A brand-new G5 Powermac is sitting under my desk. I felt obligated to share my "switch" story, which of course did not go 100% smoothly. Here are the functions I had to convert, and how each fared: