Baseball Milestones

Friday 18 Mar 2005

Another baseball rant; I go through this every year, but this time I'm going to share it with you: there are a number of career milestones that are within reach for some of the game's greatest.

Roger Clemens - if he has even a mediocre season and wins, say, 10 games, will move from 11th on the all-time win list up to 9th. If he wins 15, he'll move up to 8th all-time (and will probably go no higher.)

Greg Maddux - unless he hurts himself, he'll pass the 3000 strikeout mark. If he wins 15 games again, he'll move from 20th to 15th all-time.

Aside from the big obvious one - passing Babe Ruth and possibly Hank Aaron on the all-time home runs list - Barry Bonds will finish 2005 very close to the 3000-hit mark. Sammy Sosa will pass the 600 mark, and Rafael Palmeiro will be close if he doesn't also pass it. Within easier reach for Palmeiro is the 3000-hit mark, which he'll probably get before the All-Star break.

Finally, in a prediction I'll make now, Albert Pujols is going to reach a number of milestones around the year 2015. The man's 25 years old, he's played four years and he has nearly 800 hits to go with his 500 runs, 500 rbi, and 150+ home runs. Oh, and he's batting .333 for his career. If you do the math, he could keep pace until age 36 (a relatively short 15-year career for a first baseman) and amass 3000+ hits, 2000+ runs and rbi, and 600+ home runs. I'll get back with you in the year 2015 and we'll see how it went.