An Expensive Hobby

Friday 18 Feb 2005

After ten years away, I recently got back into baseball card collecting with my girlfriend.

The bad news: since we're doing it for love of the game rather than as an investment, we've spent quite a bit of money on foil packs, and we have a main set and a secondary set, plus a heap of extra cards, for each of two major card series in 2005.

The good news: the four factory sets I bought in 1994 for $200 total and forgot about are now worth $500 due to rookie cards of current superstars. I also dug up a few other miscellaneous rookie cards (Derek Jeter, Randy Johnson, Tom Glavine) that are now worth quite a bit more than the five cents I paid for them in 1994.

Anyone out there collecting 2005 Topps and/or Upper Deck and want to trade some extras?