Make Your Own Rules

Friday 28 Jan 2005

New movies come out on DVD every Tuesday. This week, there was one that I had to have immediately. It was a lesser-known title, judging by the fact that all the new big-budget movies had hundreds of DVDs on the shelf at Best Buy, while the movie I wanted was nowhere to be found. I checked "Action" and "Drama" and then "Horror" and then, in desperation, I even checked "Comedy." No luck. Sometimes when this happens, the movie's been immediately relegated to the $6.99 and under DVD section, but I couldn't find it there either.

I was prepared to leave the store and go to Borders, where they usually stock lesser-known movies but you have to pay more. On my way out of Best Buy, I stopped and looked in a half-opened box of DVDs that was sitting on the floor - and found 20 copies of the movie I was after.

Sometimes you have to work outside the established system and think for yourself, to get what you want.

(for the record, the movie was "Death Hunt")