Writing Preview for 2005

Friday 17 Dec 2004

I'm not sure if there will be rants (if you could still call them that) for 24-Dec and 31-Dec. Anyway, off the top of my head, here's what I've got planned for most of the rest of the 800s, to be released in 2005.

851-855 (Odyssey group) various trials and tribulations as they sail further into the unknown

856-860 (Greyspire group) they descend yet deeper into the bowels of the fortress; here there be demons

861-870 (Belphanior group) tally of items regained and lost; explanation of where Otto, Skektek, etc ended up after the faulty gateway, and how they regrouped; details of Parekh rescue effort; decision as to what's next (more gateway explorations, revenge on Sea Princes, etc.)

871-875 (Odyssey group) land ho!