Sandals: No Common Sense, No Fashion Sense, No Sense At All

Friday 12 Nov 2004

Picture this: fall has finally taken hold, and the temperature is down in the 40s . It's daytime. A person is walking toward you, well-protected against the cold: heavy coat, jeans or other thick pants, maybe hat and/or gloves, open-toed no-socked sandals on the feet.

Sandals? In weather cold enough to merit an individual wearing a heavy coat, he/she also wears sandals outdoors?

What is WRONG with these people?

Disclaimer: I wouldn't mind nearly as much if they weren't all bundled up; obviously they think it's quite cold outside, so one would think that they would choose appropriate footwear too.

Disclaimer #2: I'm not criticizing underdressing for cold weather; I personally have a great tolerance to cold and don't wear a jacket outside unless the temperature dips down into the 40s. I keep my home cooled/heated to around 65 at most, year-round. I claim that this is okay as long as I'm not cold.

Disclaimer #3: I am firmly anti-sandal, especially the way they are turning up on people with slacks, dress shirts, and even coats and ties. Ditto for nice restaurants. In my opinion, sandals don't belong at work, restaurants, in clubs, at concerts, in the gym, at any sporting event that the wearer participates in, etc etc. In short, I hate sandals. I hate the casual, lazy attitude that they project. I hate how older people have taken to wearing gaudy leather sandals because they think they look cool. I hate looking at people's toes. I hate wondering if I'm going to smell them because that person is wearing sandals. I hate that someone else's comfort translates to me having to see and smell their nasty feet. To repeat, I hate sandals. My girlfriend hates sandals. We're agreed that any children we might ever have will not be allowed to wear sandals, though I honestly hope that the sandal fashion is long-dead by that time.