Thursday 21 Oct 2004

The unthinkable has happened. Down 0-3 in a best of 7 series, the Red Sox came back and won the next 4 games and the pennant - against their arch-rivals, the Yankees, who had stopped them every time they met over the last 80 years.

I don't even care that much whether the Red Sox win the World Series or not. Just the fact that they made history by doing what they did to the Yankees warms my heart.

My top 10 reasons why this game 7 victory was sweet justice:

10) $25 million man A-Rod's display of poor sportsmanship in game 6
9) Derek Lowe, removed from the Red Sox starting rotation, who turned around and gave his team two outstanding starts in crucial games
8) Johnny Damon, who was not hitting at all (3-29) in the first six games...and then ignited the Red Sox offense with two home runs and 6 rbi in game 7
7) George Steinbrenner, who spent a record sum of money this year and didn't get a pennant
6) vindication for last year's ALCS game 7, which the Yankees won with an amazing comeback
5) no team had ever come back from a 0-3 deficit to even force a game 7, much less win it, much less win it against their bitter rivals who everyone hates
4) all the times Derek Jeter gave the camera that confident smirk (not to mention the MLB commercials where he said that he enjoyed being hated by every other team)
3) Curt Schilling, who knew that the Yankees were actually mortal, and pitched game 6 with his bleeding ankle stapled together to prove it
2) my girlfriend's mother, who is from Boston and has endured untold heartbreak over the years; she was actually crying as early as the second inning when Boston was up 6-0
1) these Red Sox have guts and heart and finally proved that those things count for something