What Baseball Is All About

Tuesday 19 Oct 2004

Here's another non-Friday rant, released on this particular Tuesday for the sake of being timely. It's a baseball rant (if you hadn't guessed from the title) so if you don't like baseball, you may not need to read this.

After a fairly unimpressive first round of playoffs, these league championship series (semifinals, basically) have been some of the greatest ever - and by that I mean most competitive and most agonizing to watch for their fans. It's one thing to see one team beat the crap out of another or sweep a series. It's another thing to see close game after close game, or to see a team down three games to none and facing elimination with one more loss...and then battling back in extra innings (overtime, basically) in the next two nail-biting, stressful marathon games - and winning in walkoff style on a final at-bat.

I haven't even thought about writing since last week - I haven't had time. Saturday night's Red Sox game went well over four hours, and Sunday's hit five hours, and then last night's topped six hours. It's more of the same tonight, with the NLCS game starting right about when I get home from work and the ALCS game coming after that, around 8 pm...which means it will likely go until midnight, if the last couple of games are any indication.

All four teams right now - even the Yankees, who I hate - are showing not only class but heart in these playoffs. Whatever happens in the end, I think the last few games will not soon be forgotten.

This is great. It's what fall baseball is all about.