She Could Have Hit Your Car

Friday 1 Oct 2004

Driving stupidity: last night, I was headed home on a particular road with three lanes going in one direction. At the light ahead, the leftmost lane was turn only, the center lane was either turn or straight, and the rightmost lane only went straight. In other words, at this particular intersection, three lanes becomes two sets of two lanes (left turn and continue straight.) I hope that makes sense. Maybe a map is needed here.

Anyway, I was in the leftmost lane and at the light, the lady in front of me went straight. Not only did she continue when there was no lane for her (briefly putting her in oncoming traffic) but she also cut off the vehicle turning left from the center of the original three lanes. She didn't even look. The other vehicle had to slam on brakes to avoid crushing the idiot woman's passenger side as she continued straight through the left-turning lane, aiming at oncoming traffic until she jerked the wheel to the right and got into the proper lane.

How do people like this ever get drivers' licenses? How do they keep them? In my opinion, this woman does not need to be driving, as she's clearly too stupid and dangerous.