Not My Role Model

Friday 30 Jul 2004

This is another baseball rant. On Saturday 24-Jul-2004 there was a brawl at the Yankees-RedSox game. You can read more about it here.

I can't commend Jason Varitek for throwing the first punch, but I understand why he did it: Alex Rodriguez was standing there screaming at the pitcher who just hit him, "F*** you! F*** you!"

This is a man who's being paid $25 million a year for ten years (which I've previously ranted about.) He's supposed to be a role model to kids everywhere. He doesn't have a history of being beaned and he's brand-new to this old rivalry between these two teams. I think he has an obligation, whether as a holier-than-thou New York Yankee or as a young sports superstar, to act better than this, standing there on the field cursing while kids are watching.