They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To

Friday 18 Jun 2004

As I write this, season one of "The A-Team" has just been released on DVD, and I've watched some of it already. It got me thinking: they don't make shows like this anymore. In the 1970s and 1980s, TV was silly and fun, and there was room for all kinds of humor that won't fly now due to political correctness, lawsuits, and general stupidity of the average human being. The fun times are gone; we now live in the serious times.

In the pilot episode of this show, I saw numerous things that wouldn't work now, more than twenty years later. The entire plot wouldn't have worked in a world filled with cell phones and the internet and Homeland Security. Through no real fault of its own, the show has dated badly; it was the greatest thing in the world in 1983, and those of us who were kids then remember it fondly. But to today's youth, it's as much of a fossil as 1960s TV shows are to me. I wonder what kids in twenty years will think of the shows that are popular right now. They'll probably make fun of them the same way that today's kids make fun of "The A-Team."

The whole thing is an interesting study in perspectives. Or maybe I'm just getting old.