Evil Southern Belles

Friday 11 Jun 2004

While dining at the bar in one of my favorite restaurants recently, I witnessed a gathering of epic proportions. Picture this: into the bar walks a woman in her mid-forties, fairly overweight and dressed to try and hide it, too much makeup, too much hair, too much jewelry, chain smoker, talks in a loud raspy voice, laughs too much and too loudly, drinks light beer. Her friends begin to arrive and every single one of them is JUST LIKE HER. Within ten minutes, there are seven or eight of them, all cackling and carrying on as they hand over the presents for whichever one's birthday party is being celebrated.

I'm not complaining about any one of the vices listed above; I'm complaining about someone having all of them, no, make that a group of someones who ALL have all of them. It was disgusting. And unfortunately, it seems to be the norm for women in Georgia; I refer to these people as "evil Southern belles." Sometimes I see stupid, lazy, irresponsible girls in their twenties or even teens and I can so easily picture them transforming into evil Southern Belles. The process probably involves too many kids too early, divorce, heavy smoking and drinking, and a fairly strong disregard for one's own health and future.

Fortunately, I am practically engaged/married to a much better woman, so I don't have to worry about dipping into this dating pool (not that I would have anyway.)