Kids Today

Friday 16 April 2004

Sometimes I get lucky and get two for the price of one. The other day, I was in the food court at the student center here and witnessed a student buy a small cup of coffee for $2.58. That seems like a high price to pay for a drink that couldn't have been more than 8 ounces. This was some kind of Starbuck's (or equivalent) coffee (I wouldn't know the proper terminology, since I've never had coffee.) $2.58. This is almost as preposterous a waste of money as cigarettes.

Anyway, the same student who bought the coffee was wearing sandals, shorts, and a thick winter coat, since it was in the 30s outside that day. Winter coat on body...sandals on bare feet...hmm, what's wrong with this picture?

Ah, the joys of knowing that this kid was a typical representative of the generation that will succeed mine.

Self-rebuttal: my girlfriend also belongs to that generation, yet she manages to show responsibility and common sense every day. If only they could all be as sharp as she is!