Defensive Driving

Friday 19 March 2004

Every five years or so, the managers here at work get on a big kick about all the classes we should have: defensive driving, sexual harassment, CQI, and so on. I had to take defensive driving this week. While the material was well-laid-out and the instructor did a great job, I disagree with the underlying concept of the class: that a good driver lets bad drivers do whatever they want. I will continue to not let people in after they pass a dozen cars on the right shoulder. I will continue to try to make left-lane hogs move. I will continue to honk at people who are in the intersection when I get a green light. This class will not make me a gutless wimp.

On the other hand, I had a good eye-opener about the dangers posed by drunk drivers, as well as the importance of seat belts. And I will now save $150 a year on my auto insurance.