It's That Time Again

Friday 13 February 2004

Friday the 13th is here...and that means I can't help but watch some horror movies. This seemed to me to be a good time to tout my movie reviews. I don't watch a lot of dramas or musicals or romances - I leave it to others to handle that chore. My specialties are action, horror, and such - the sort of movie that a lot of serious critics look down upon. Which is fine, since I don't care. My purpose in reviewing is to provide short, concise, yet fun-to-read capsule reviews of movies that won't ever contend for Oscars, yet have a following.

Where else can you get reviews of all the Friday the 13th movies...all the Dirty Harry movies...all the Death Wish movies...all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies? Where else can you find a special page devoted to "giant animals and monsters run amok" movies? Who else will tell you that the Matrix movies sucked, and try to defend that standpoint? There are hundreds of reviews there, supplied by my simple rule: if I watch it, I review it and post it. No exceptions.

Check it all out at