Writing for a Living?

Friday 16 January 2004

Winter's here, writing's back, softball's coming back, and the economy may cause some to lose their jobs here. If it's me, what will I do? Part of me wants to make the writing a revenue-generating operation, like $1 an episode per person who gets it, but that will never happen. First, Wizards of the Coast would sue me for use of the Greyhawk places/people/events, and they'd win. Second, I'm not sure how you readers would react to having to pay for the stories.

On the flip side - and remember that this is utterly hypothetical - if I knew I had even 100 readers who would pay $1 per new episode, and I had no job, I'd easily be able to churn out 5 quality episodes a week, which would generate me $2000 a month, or $24,000 a year. Double the paying readership to 200 readers and that's $48,000 a year to be my own boss and work from home. And if all 500 readers on my mailing list right now thought my stories were worth paying for...I'd be rich. Oh well, too bad it can never happen due to the WotC factor.

On a topical side note, about a year ago someone from WotC contacted me about submitting a writing sample to them, given some guidelines, and those writers judged best by WotC would get chances to write for the generic "TJ Lane" books on shelves right now. I expressed interest, was told to stand by, didn't get any update, inquired again, and never got an answer. So I _did_ try!