They Like It

Friday 9 January 2004

Well, as you ready this, 801 has been out for a week and 802 in fact comes out today. I got over two dozen emails on 801 and they were all 100% positive, so I'll take that as a sign that I'm doing something right. I'm aiming for a 1/week release with Friday being the day. I'm also aiming to keep each new story around 20K in size, and have things actually _happen_ in each one, as opposed to some of the short filler episodes I've written in years past.

Totally unrelated side note: I may have finally reached saturation with my DVD collection. I just scanned the upcoming releases known for 2004 so far, and I only found three must-haves coming out in January-April quarter (Kill Bill vol 1, Dawn of the Dead, Shoot to Kill.) Could it be that I've finally gotten everything I want in my collection? Barring new movies that I decide I must have (e.g. Return of the King, Star Wars episode 3) I can count on two hands the total unreleased-on-DVD non-new movies that I have on VHS right now. Interesting.